3 Ways to Improve your Parkour Skills

When Parkour first hit the television and YouTube, we were all yearning to learn some of the moves to ace this ninja-like fashion of navigating obstacles at unparalleled speed, efficiency and above all else, grace.

To become an ace at it, being an efficient runner is the key. If you want to defy gravity and all the laws of physics, you need to turn into nothing short of a feather. There are no safety mechanisms or invisible cords holding these individuals. But they turn into these invincible ninjas by using power exercises.

It is all about being able to move things along rapidly and not at a slow pace. Parkour requires you to train the body in such a way that it responds at a rapid rate. There are a few steps you can follow to improve your Parkour game:

Interval training

Using this method, it is possible to up your short-burst power. This comes very handily especially when you are hurtling full speed toward an obstacle. Top speed bursts that last between thirty seconds to three minutes, will manage to cover the muscles that come handy in aiding Parkour. What is perfect about this form of training is that your heart is able to recover much faster after that intense effort you put in.


Try climbing anything and everything you can possibly think of – rocks, hills, boulders, stairs or even poles. This training will help you develop a keen kinesthetic awareness of the body. Your free running or Parkour skills will be upped and fluidity and accuracy levels will be at the ideal best in an environment of obstacles.

By practicing these skills once a week at the least, you will be able to really build the much-required confidence, to confidently and accurately navigate obstacles. As time goes by you will find yourself climbing faster and faster.


It is very important for you to have excellent overall upper-body strength. Traditionally push-ups and dips would come handy, but it is suggested that to up your Parkour game you should give Muscle-Ups a try. You will be able to completely dominate the upper part of your body if you train right.

Muscle-Ups are similar in fashion to pull-ups. The only difference is that you do not stop when your chin reaches the bar. You continue your progress upwards to get better and stronger. If you find yourself straining hard and not able to go above the chin, then you might want to consider this tip seriously. Go back and do some dips to strengthen your arms. This way they will get accustomed to the variation of push-ups that will aid you in your Parkour skills.

When you are busy trying to really improve your Parkour, please do not resort to pumping iron. Pumping muscles will lead to your muscles reacting slowly, this is something you do not want when involved in a fast-paced environment. You can also ease off any aerobic training as it changes the fast-twitch muscle fibers of the body, making for a lousy jump. Use these tips and tricks to up your game and turn into a Parkour sensation that inspires people!

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