4 Things to Keep in Mind Before Training for Parkour


Parkour has become a popular extreme sport and there is no doubt that more and more youngsters that watch parkour videos want to learn and master it. However, parkour can be dangerous and can lead to injuries which is why you need to ensure that you don’t try all the parkour moves without supervision and training that you watch on YouTube videos.

There are training schools and professionals that can teach you how to master it gradually, but before you go ahead with parkour training there are 4 things that you need to keep in mind.

No Competition

When you’re starting your training you need to understand that this sport is no competition and you’re not here to compete and showcase your skills and put others down with it.

In parkour the only person competing you is yourself and therefore the focus must be on how to enhance your jumping and running skills rather than comparing yourself with others and trying to act like them which might lead to serious injuries, if the jump or a flip goes wrong. The biggest plus factor of this sport is that no one loses and therefore focus on improvement rather than competition.

Focus on Your Weakness

Parkour is all about you and your environment and therefore it requires a skill to quickly gauge what your environment has to offer and act accordingly.

When you’re training for parkour you need to use your mind to keep yourself safe, but at the same time work on your weakness and improve it.

You certainly have the liberty to watch others and how they do it and apply that to your unique style. If there are certain parkour moves that you cannot make, take it patiently rather than hurrying and hurting yourself in the process.

Watch for Injuries


Parkour gloves


It is likely that initially, you might suffer some injuries and therefore you have to be cautious about the parkour moves you make. During the initial days of parkour training, your body muscles can get sore and you may suffer from muscle fatigue and other bodily injuries that may not let you push yourself. It could be beneficial to get yourself some protective gloves or a backpack for your gear or for to keep hydrated

While there will be certain amount of pain through which you will advance, but if the pain is sharp in joints and tendons you need to visit a doctor and see if there are no internal injuries. Pushing yourself too hard despite sharp pain in muscles can only worsen the situation and lead to more health problems in the future.

Get a Professional Trainer

Parkour Training

If you’re interested in learning parkour moves you need to get yourself a trainer that can help you with all the skills and talent you need to build on. This will help you to get reliable information based on how much your body can stretch rather than browsing the internet and getting all the information which might not be absolutely correct.

While there are forums and discussion boards where parkour professionals discuss and share their advice, but it is still recommended that you have someone on your side that can help you with parkour training the right way.

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