6 Things to Keep in Mind to Ensure Safe Highlining Experience

When we talk about extreme sports we talk about various sports that take human effort to its extreme level. Highlining is one such extreme sport that has gained a lot of recognition and popularity and many consider it as a pinnacle of the sport because of the risk factors involved.

To keep it simple, highlining is very much like slacklining, but at a higher elevation above the ground or water and that itself makes it a risky sport to try out. It is always important that you try and practice slacklining and tricklining before you try highlining, but even when you are experienced you need to take certain things into consideration that can help you to stay safe.

Get the Right Gear

If you plan to Highline you need to have the right equipment and gear. There is some slackline gear that can be used as highlining equipment but some can. It’s important that you do your research when picking your gear. Make sure that you a comfortable, they are functional and that you have everything you need for your trip.

Check the Rigging

No matter the amount of experience you have it is always important that you check the rigging and question it critically before you highline it. This is important because you don’t want to take any chances that can lead to unexpected accidents and injuries. You should also make sure that the first highlines are rigged by experienced highliners that would allow you to learn the basics.

Don’t Walk on the Edge

When you are safe highlining you have to make sure that you mount the line a few meters away from the edge. This will ensure that you are balancing yourself well. Similarly, when you are reaching the far anchor you need to sit down which can prevent you from falling onto the terrain.

Wear the Right Clothes

Always wear protective clothing that can help you to prevent any kind of injuries. Wear the right shoes, long trousers, and sleeves that can ensure better protection. It is recommended that you do not wear accessories that are sharp and can lead to bruises and cuts while you’re performing like watches and jewelry that have sharp corners. A suitable gear for safe highlining is something you should invest in.

Hire Professionals for Anchor Drilling

If you are highlining over high mountains, you need to hire professionals that can help you with drilling anchors. This is very important because professional drillers are good at keeping you safe. They also work in line with Highline ethics and ensure that you have a safe highlining experience.

Never Highline without Expert Help

Highlining is an extreme sport that can lead to fatal results and so you should never try safe highlining without an expert help. When you have more professional people you can be sure that the Highline system is secured well and that you have a rescue team ready for help in case of emergencies along with first aid medics. You also need professionals that can rig the Highline for you in the right way and ensure that the anchors are drilled correctly.

Practice before You Highline

It is always recommended that you practice standard techniques like the Chongo mount and swinging back upon the line that will allow you to be prepared for the big event. You should never rush into Highline if you’re not physically or mentally prepared for it.

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