Best Beginner Snowboard Boots | Reviews & What to Know

Gliding headfirst into the snow-powdered hills of adventure, there is nothing quite like the excitement of snow sports. Whether you want to carve the greatest ski slopes in the world or you’re simply stoked to learn cool tricks, snowboarding is an art form like no other.

Firstly, it’s important to wear the correct snowboarding gear. While it might be tempting to simply buy the most advanced technology snowboard boots, certain factors should be considered. For one, beginner snowboarders require the proper snowboard boots catered for entry-level needs and concerns.

Unsure what type of snowboard boots are suitable for beginners? We’ll take you through some of our top picks and a basic guide on how to pick snowboard boots that are right for you.

TLDR: The DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots are the ultimate choice for beginning your snowboarding journey. Budget-friendly, incredible comfort boot construction, and great heel support, these snowboard boots are an entry-level’s dream.

A budget-friendly option while still featuring advanced technology is the best pick if you want an all-inclusive product that won’t break the bank. If you’re looking for other great options, take a look at our comprehensive reviews and buyer guide below to help you out.

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots Reviewed

  1. DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots
  2. Burton Ruler BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots
  3. Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots
  4. Thirtytwo 32 STW BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots
  5. Burton Mint BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots
  6. Thirtytwo Men’s Shifty BOA Snowboard Boots
  7. Thirtytwo Exit Men’s Snowboard Boots ’19/20

Best Beginner Snowboard Boots Comparison Table

Take a look at our top snowboarding boots for beginners to give you an idea of what to expect. Need some further information? Read more about at our product reviews and buyers guide to choosing snowboard boots that tick all your boxes:

ProductBest ForImageBoot LacingRatingPrice
DC Phase Men’s Snowboard BootsBudget-friendlyTraditional9.5 Check Price
Burton Ruler BOA Men's Snowboard BootsWarmthDual-zone BOA system9 Check Price
Burton Moto Men's Snowboard BootsFreezing conditionsQuick-pull 8.5 Check Price
Thirtytwo 32 STW BOA Women’s Snowboard BootsComfortBOA system9 Check Price
Burton Mint BOA Women's Snowboard BootsComfortBOA system9 Check Price
Thirtytwo Men’s Shifty BOA Snowboard BootsWarmthBOA system8 Check Price
Thirtytwo Exit Men's Snowboard Boots '19/20Cool designTraditional 8.5 Check Price


Comfortable Beginner Snowboard Boots

The most comfortable beginner snowboard boots are the Thirtytwo Men’s Shifty BOA snowboard boots. These boots provide great flex and extra padding for a snug and secure fit. Other comfortable options include:

Budget-friendly Beginner Snowboard Boots

Our top pick for a less expensive option of snowboard boots is the DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots. This is a great choice if you’re still feeling out snowboarding, providing a cheaper option while still not downsizing on quality and comfort. Other great choices include:

Men’s Beginner Snowboard Boots

The Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots is the best beginner snowboarding boots for men. It provides the best support and optimum comfort for beginners. Alternatively, these options could also be considered:

Women’s Beginner Snowboard Boots

The best choice for beginner’s snowboard boots for women is the Thirtytwo 32 STW BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots for their user-friendly features and safety measures. Another great product to choose is:


Best Snowboard Boots for Beginners Reviews

It can be difficult to determine what snowboard boots are beginner-friendly for you to start out with. Various types, boot flex, lacing systems, and style preferences are important to note when choosing your ideal boot. We’ll take you through some of our top picks to carve the slopes with ease:

DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots Review

  • Lightweight
  • Medium boot flex
  • Traditional lacing
  • Great overlays

The DC Phase Snowboard Boots for men are the best all-rounder for beginners. The traditional lacing provides an authentic feel to your riding experience and this lacing system often saves you a pretty penny.

The medium boot flex is a popular pick among snowboarders for its versatility. This addition to the DC Phase boots will be sure to offer a great starting point that you can still use when you become more confident on the slopes. So, if you’re in it for the long haul, we suggest you pick these snowboard boots.

The boots are equipped with red liners created from a mix of EVA memory foam and heat-regulating fleece lining. This provides great shock absorption to protect you from any tumbles and the fleece lining will keep your feet warm and comfortable.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Great shock absorption


  • Traditional lacing is hard to tie with snow gloves
  • Simple features
  • Sizes run small

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Burton Ruler BOA Men’s Snowboard Boots Review

  • Reflective foil material to provide extra heat
  • Medium boot flex
  • Dual-zone BOA lacing system
  • 3M Thinsulate insulated liners

While catering more to advanced beginners, the Burton Ruler Men’s Snowboard Boots  provide a comfortable and hassle-free addition to your ride. This product allows optimum comfort from the first ride as it provides a Total Comfort Construction feature to ensure an instant “broken in” boot feel.

This medium flex option is perfect if you are planning to snowboard in various terrains. The Burton Ruler boots are thus a product that you can learn in with the ability to provide efficient protection and comfort as you progress.

The Dual-zone BOA system will leave chunky laces in the past. This lacing system is equipped with two separate dials that allow you to customize your boot fit in various areas.

The Burton Ruler boot further features insulated liners a reflective foil underfoot that ensures your feet stay warm and comfortable in chilly conditions.


  • Easy to put on and remove
  • Features heat-moldable liners
  • Specialized lacing system for convenience


  • Not suitable for absolute beginners
  • Pricey
  • Not the widest snowboard boots

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Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots Review

  • Quick-pull/ speed lacing
  • Imprint 1 liner
  • Medium-soft boot flex
  • DynoLITE outsole

The Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots are the perfect companion to guide you into the adrenaline-fuelled excitement of snowboarding. The DynoLITE outsole construction is lightweight and provides ample ankle support, which is especially important for beginners.

The Imprint 1 liner is fashioned to keep your feet firmly in your boots. This gives you a sense of stability while learning new techniques, giving you that extra bit of confidence. The medium-soft boot flex provides the best conditions for an entry-level snowboarder.


  • Built for comfort
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Provides extra warmth for unpleasant weather conditions


  • Pricier option
  • Not a suitable boot flex if you plan on advancing on different terrains
  • Sizes tend to run small

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Thirtytwo 32 STW BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots Review

  • Evolution Foam outsoles
  • Medium-soft boot flex
  • BOA lacing system
  • Comfortable liner fit

If you’re looking for a pair of durable snowboard boots, this would be our number 1 pick to add to your snowboarding packing list. With a medium-soft boot flex, the Thirtytwo 32 STW Women’s Snowboard Boots offers a great balance of comfort and mobility. Whether you prefer freestyle or all-mountain riding, you’ll be in great hands (or feet) with these nifty snowboard boots.

The heat-moldable liners and velcro overlays will ensure your feet stay warm while preventing heel slippage. These snowboard boots also feature a BOA lacing system to provide a simple way to adjust the fit of your boots. The Evolution Foam offers a lightweight cushioning foundation for long days on the slopes and provides efficient shock absorption.


  • Easy fit adjustments
  • Affordable
  • Heat-moldable liners for a comfortable ride


  • If lacing breaks it’s not easily replaceable if you’re out on a ride
  • Boot flex might be a bit too soft for advanced beginners

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Burton Mint BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots


  • Medium-soft boot flex
  • Total Comfort construction
  • BOA system boot lacing
  • Lightweight cushioning

While snowboarding is unknown territory, the  Burton Mint BOA Women’s Snowboard Bootswill be a great companion. The Total Comfort construction eliminates time breaking in your boots, making you ready for the slopes once you slip them on.

The Imprint Liner feature of these snowboard boots provide integrated lacing to secure your boots to your feet, providing a snug yet firm fit. The BOA system also allows an easily adjustable dial to alter your boot fit to be tighter or looser.

Cushioning for your snowboard boots is a crucial part of protecting you from the uncharted elements of snowboarding for a beginner. It allows you to delve into the trials and errors of a new sport with ample protection.


  • Great cushioning
  • Eliminates the break-in period of using new snowboard boots
  • User-friendly lacing system


  • Not as durable as other options
  • Not recommended if using a stiff boot binding
  • Sizes tend to run small

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Thirtytwo Shifty BOA Snowboard Boots Men’s Review

  • Fleece boot lining
  • Medium-soft boot flex
  • Foam sole material
  • Heat-moldable liner

The Thirtytwo Men’s Shifty Snowboard Boots is our top choice if you’re looking for that extra padding for the bumpy slopes ahead. The durable foam boot sole construction is geared to provide a comfy and secure snowboarding experience.

The specific boot flex is curated to allow beginners to grasp the movements required of snowboarding more easily. A softer flex is more maneuverable and guides learners to get used to applying pressure to their boots to move forward.

The efficient BOA closure system and heel lock feature of the Thirtytwo Shifty snowboard boots create an increased measure of stability and control during your ride.


  • Warm and comfortable
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Extra padding for safety


  • Not suitable for a wide fit
  • Single BOA system not as adjustable for fit
  • Boot flex might be a bit too soft for advanced beginners

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Thirtytwo Exit Men’s Snowboarding Boots ’19/20 Review

  • Traditional lacing
  • Soft boot flex
  • Foam sole material
  • Fleece lining

If you’re an absolute beginner and tend to be a cautious snowboarder, the Thirtytwo Exit Men’s Snowboard Boots might be the perfect helping hand. The funky style and heat moldable liners will not only make you look good but feel safe and secure.

These snowboard boots are equipped with internal lacing that provides an unparalleled heel hold for extra support. While landing (or failing) your first few tries of snowboard tricks might be daunting, the Thirtytwo Exit offers an STI Evolution outsole to cushion your victories or falls.


  • Cool style and design
  • Easily removable and a breeze to put on
  • Heat-moldable boot liners for a comfortable ride


  • Not suitable for all snowboarding terrains
  • Lacing can become tedious
  • Can quickly ‘outgrow’ or advance this boot flex

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Best Types of Snowboard Boots for Beginners Buyers Guide


While investing in a pair of snowboard boots might seem daunting, the right fit is important to start your exciting icy journey the right way. We’ll take you through the basic elements and features to look out for in snowboard boots to ensure you choose the best option.

How to choose your snowboard boots

Boot Flex

Flex ratings of snowboard boots refer to the categorized number system used to indicate how stiff a boot is if you flex it forward.

When choosing your snowboard boots it’s important to pay attention to the different flex ratings. The flex ratings might seem merely a preference, but certain snowboard boots types are more efficient for terrain and riding style preferences. These categories include: soft, medium-soft, and stiff flex.

For beginners, a soft to medium flex is advised, as it’s easy to put on and gives you more room to move around. This is specifically great for beginners if you’re still getting in the groove of the movements. This type will be sure to be the most forgiving if you make some ill-timed errors as well.

Stiff flex is more for experienced riders who are comfortable going at fast speeds and require higher ankle support.

Tip: Make sure to choose the best beginner snowboard bindings that is appropriate for your boot flex. Read here to discover how to find the perfect fit.

Comfortability & Fit

Comfort is key when choosing your snowboard boots, as you want to start learning while knowing you have the correct gear. Nothing gets your excitement and adrenaline down from an awesome snowboarding session faster than blistered feet.

This is where the perfect fit and size of your snowboard boots are vital. Make sure the boots have sufficient supportive boot liners if you’re planning on being out all day. Boot liners provide cushioning and insulation to ensure your feet are prepared for this adventurous experience.

Boot Lacing

The boot lacing systems of snowboarding boots allow snowboarders to choose a system that caters to their riding needs and style. The main lacing systems are: Quick-pull, BOA system, and traditional laces.

The quick-pull laces function much like a corset where a single pull will tighten your boots. Quick-pull laces often have two sets of zonal tightening which means you can tighten your forefoot lacing, ankle, and lower leg lacing separately. While this function might seem difficult, when you get the hang of it it can be quite a time saver.

The BOA system offers a specialized dial to tighten your snowboard boots. They offer a variety of notch options if you prefer to customize your boot tightness. Due to the convenience and precision fit this system offers, they tend to be pricier than the other lacing options.

If you prefer an old-school, no-frills system of optimized lacing systems, then traditional laces might be your best bet. They are simple and easily replaceable if they are damaged, but can be quite tricky to retie when they come loose if you’re wearing gloves.


Final Thoughts on the Best Beginner Snowboard Boots

From the ill-timed wipe-outs to triumphantly landing your first jump, your snowboard boots will experience it all with you. Before hopping onto the slippery slope of becoming snowboarding obsessed, the correct snowboarding attire is crucial.

The Thirtytwo 32 STW BOA Snowboard Boots will be sure to be your new beginner snowboarding companion. It offers an abundance of cool features, such as a BOA lacing system and heat moldable liners, at a modest price. Other first-rate options include the Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots and the Burton Mint BOA Women’s Snowboard Boots will be sure to keep your feet happy.

What are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get ready for the ride of your life. Leap into the wonderful world of snowboarding feet first with the best beginner snowboard boots on the market.