5 of the Best Snowboard Bindings (How to Choose)

Having a solid, well-made pair of boot bindings is essential when hitting the slopes on your snowboard. We have a list of favourites.

Best Ski Boot Bindings Reviewed

BindingBest ForImageBudgetRatingBuy Now
Voile Light Rail Splitboard BindingsSplitboard$$$7.5/10 Check Price

Burton Mission Snowboard Binding 
Control$$8/10 Check Price
Burton Lexa Snowboard Binding for WomenWomen$$8/10 Check Price
Flow Alpha MTN 2018 Snowboard BindingsComfort$8.5/10 Check Price
Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Binding
Maximum Control$$$9/10 Check Price


Voile Light Rail Splitboard Bindings Review 

The Lightweight aluminium Voile Light Rail Bindings are made to simplify set up, reduce weight and improve overall performance. The aluminium ratchet, toe cap, and very stiff flex are perfect for keeping your boots in place with very minimal movement.

This feature is also great for beginners as it gives you more of a sense of stability and control.
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Burton Mission Snowboard Binding Review

The Burton Mission Snowboard Bindings have a single component baseplate construction, which creates a consistent response and the ability to dominate on all terrain types.

The binding constructions offers the perfect combination of flex and control, as well as stability. You can feel the bindings holding your boots tight, while still giving you the freedom to move the way you want to move.
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Burton Lexa Snowboard Binding for Women Review

Like most Burton Bindings, the Lexa Binding is made with a single component which allows you to feel comfortable and confident on every and any terrain.

The bindings, hi-back, and base plate offer some flex that allows you to move and carve the way you want to, without sacrificing having you fall out of your bindings.
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Flow Alpha MTN 2018 Snowboard Bindings Review

The Flow Alpha MTN 2018 Snowboard Bindings are one of the newest pairs of bindings out by the folks at Flow Alpha. The bindings come with a molded composite uniback making these an extremely comfortable pair of hiback bindings.

They are made with a molded, composite rockered baseplate. They have an Exofit Powerstrap that locks your boots in and keeps them secured and tight on the board, and they also have locking slap ratchets for that extra boot security. Your boots won’t be falling out of these anytime soon.
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Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Binding Review

The Burton Cartel Bindings use a softer material underfoot in their baseplate design to create a great combo of baord feel and response. The baseplate is designed by replacing materials with cushioning to allow for a reduction in weight and opening the door to different designs.

The hinges flex as you move allowing for more control, and making tricks, turns, and moves much easier. The living hinge Hi-back eliminates hardware and weight, has adjustable forward lean and the hi-back rotates independently.

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snowboard bindingsBindings are integral parts of snowboarding and skiing. They ensure that your feet are properly attached to the snowboard and that you have maximum control and stability.

Bindings also make sure that you don’t fall over the board. Even the most experienced and expert snowboarders and skiers use bindings, as they not only ensure safety but at the same time makes the entire experience of snowboarding and skiing a much more enjoyable one. You will be able to control the board in a much more and at the same time will be able to balance yourself.


Choosing the Bindings for Snowboarding and Skiing

There are certain aspects which you need to consider when you are buying snowboard bindings.

  • Riding Style: Your riding style has a lot to do with the kind of binding you choose. Different types of bindings are available for different styles of riding
  • Binding Type: How you would want to strap the binding is one important aspect which you need to take into consideration. There are different designs available in the market with different styles.
  • Fit: When it comes to the fit of the bindings, you must ensure that they are properly fitted. It cannot be too loose, which would not hold your feet properly on the board and they shouldn’t be too tight either, this can be very uncomfortable for you. You need to select a fit which would hold your feet tightly on the board and at the same time would be comfortable enough.

Different Types of Bindings Available

There are different types of bindings available in the market. Here are some of them

  • Strap in Bindings: Out of the bindings available, these are the most popular ones. This type of binding use 2 straps; one is used across the ankle and the other straps over the toe. This type of binding offer lots of custom adjustments and they are quite comfortable too. These bindings are suitable for all types of riding
  • Rear Entry Bindings: Also known as Speed Entry Binding, they are available with a high back which allows you to step into it. This kind of bindings is very easy to use as they can be strapped on and off very easily, without putting in a lot of effort. If you are looking for more comfort while you are riding your snowboard, then the rear entry bindings would be the perfect option for you.

What are the Components you need to look for?

While purchasing snowboard bindings, there are a few components which you need to look out for. Here they are:

  • Straps: There are different types of straps available on the market. Here are some of them
  • Traditional Toe Strap
  • Toe Cap Strap
  • Ankle Strap
  • Hybrid Toe Strap
  • High Backs: High backs are very important components as they help to control the edge of the board where your heels are placed
  • Base plate: This is the main connection between the board and the binding

These are some of the areas you need to look into while you are purchasing bindings for your snowboards.


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