Best Snowboard Brands | Top 8 Snowboarding Companies

Whether you’re into freeriding or freestyle snowboarding, there are plenty of suitable gear options from the best snowboard brands to fit your style. These brands use innovative technologies to develop high-quality products, such as snowboards, bindings, and snowboard boots.

Snowboarding is a fun activity, and many enjoy the thrill of descending from the snowy slopes. But, this extreme sport can be dangerous if you’re unprepared. So, it is important to choose the right snowboard from a reputable brand.

All brands have their own specialty and offer numerous equipment options. In this guide, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite snowboarding brands to help with your decision-making.

Tip: To keep your board safe when taking a break from the slopes, consider securing it with a snowboarding lock.

What is the Best Snowboard Brand?

There are many brands in the snowboarding industry that offer various types of snowboards, such as all-mountain, freeride, freestyle, and powder snowboards. Some are dedicated snowboard companies, while others provide other unrelated products.

Finding the best brand is based on each individual’s personal preferences. When deciding on a brand, some things to keep in mind include your preferred terrain, skill level, riding style, and budget.

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Top Snowboard Brands

The upcoming snowboard brands – ranked in no particular order – all offer exceptional features that improve performance. Here are the best snowboarding brands that provide innovative designs for a smooth experience on the slopes.

1. Salomon Snowboards

Salomon Snowboards is a category of the well-known sports equipment manufacturing company, Salomon Group. Established in 1995, the brand began operating in the ski market, and shortly after, it became one of the top snowboarding manufacturers.

They produce a long line of snowboards, boots, and bindings for adults and kids of all experience levels. It is designed and developed using cutting-edge technology in their Annecy, France, headquarters.

The brand has become an industry leader for split boards. They produce some of the best split boards that allow riders to adventure into the backcountry and tour uphill. Split boards can typically split into two parts, but you’ll find that some products like the Salomon Premier boast a 4-part system.

It features proprietary technologies like the PLUM hooks that allow for quick and easy assembling. Riders can simply stash the extra parts in their snowboard backpacks when traveling.

Salomon provides innovative designs, but it is relatively expensive. However, it is an excellent choice for experienced backcountry riders or those looking to get started with split boarding.

2. Burton Snowboards Company

Burton Snowboards is one of the most popular snowboard brands and provides the most comprehensive and advanced collection of boards. In 1977, Jack Burton founded this renowned brand. Since then, Burton has become one of the top brands in the industry and supports famous riders such as Kelly Clark and Shaun White.

It is a private snowboard manufacturing company in Burlington, Vermont. Burton offers a wide range of snowboarding items for adults and kids, from beginner snowboards to protective knee pads. Burton is continuously pushing the limits to provide creative board designs using advanced technology.

A notable aspect of their production is the brand’s sustainability efforts. Their snowboards are made using a plant-based epoxy called Super Sap, and they do not use any lacquer in their new collections. The board cores are made with materials that are 100% certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Burton provides one of the most extensive snowboard ranges, but it is a bit more expensive compared to other brands. However, the cost is certainly worthwhile as their snowboards are eco-friendly and feature exceptional finishing details. Some of the most famous boards include the Burton Flight Attendant, Burton Skeleton Key, and Burton Custom Flying V.

Burton snowboard brand

3. Lib Tech

Lib Tech offers a variety of quality boards, from skateboards to snowboards. Mike Olsen and Pete Saari founded the brand in 1977. It falls under the snowboarding manufacturer, Mervin Manufacturing.

They have provided superior quality snowboards for more than 30 years, and they shocked the market with the introduction of the Skate Banana snowboard in 2008. It’s an all-terrain snowboard that features the brand’s original banana technology.

Lib Tech incorporates sustainable practices when producing high-tech products. They are best known for their Magne-Traction borders, banana technology, and eco-friendly products. If you’re looking to snowboard in powder, this would not be the best board for you. However, Lib Tech offers some of the top all-mountain snowboards in the industry.

4. GNU Snowboard Company

The GNU brand has maintained its reputation as one of the best snowboarding brands in the industry. Similar to Lib Tech, GNU Snowboards falls under the Mervin Manufacturing parent company. Their snowboards are produced at the Mervin Manufacturing facility in Sequim, Washington state.

The eco-friendly manufacturing facility makes use of renewable eco woods, recycled materials, and water-based solvents. Additionally, around 89% of their production power is generated by water and wind.

The brand is renowned for producing hand-built snowboards with unique designs. The boards feature deep, carving side-cuts and bold graphics. You’ll find several beginner-friendly options such as the GNU Carbon Credit Asym BTX Snowboard.

However, GNU Snowboards offers a small product selection for kids. Overall, this brand is an excellent option for adults who love free riding.

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5. Jones

Jones Snowboards is a relatively new brand that offers snowboards, bindings, and related accessories. An American professional snowboarder, Jeremy Jones, founded the brand in 2010. Although it hasn’t been around as long as other brands, Jones was met with great success in a short period. It is also one of the most eco-friendly snowboarding companies.

Jeremy has made a significant impact on the industry in terms of reducing the environmental impact of snowboard production. He is an active climate advocate and established a non-profit organization called Protect Our Winters that focuses on legislation regarding climate change.

As such, the Jones brand produces its products in an environmentally friendly manner. The brand also has partnerships with organizations such as 1% For The Planet and Community Carbon Trees.

Jones’ products are both sustainably produced and affordable. All the products are classified in the all-mountain category and best suited for freeride snowboarders.

6. Ride

Ride Snowboards is a passionate and dedicated snowboard brand that provides high-quality equipment with technical innovation. In 1992, this snowboarder’s company was established in Redmond, Washington.

They offer a wide range of snowboards and accessories like boots, bags, and bindings. Ride offers snowboards for men, women, and kids of all skill levels.

For instance, the Ride Agenda is a freestyle board that is great for learning and best suited for those in the beginner to intermediate stages. On the other hand, the Ride Warpig is an excellent option for advanced to expert riders looking for an all-mountain or powder snowboard. You should check best freestyle snowboards before zeoring in on one.

They also provide an extensive women’s snowboard range. You’ll find around 11 models with spectacular features and female-specific designs at various price points. Ride incorporates innovative technologies, such as Membrane top sheets, during their sustainable production process.

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7. Arbor Snowboards

Arbor Snowboards is one of the top snowboarding brands. The brand is known for its trusted craftsmanship and quality snowboard designs, suitable for all experience levels. It was established in 1995, and since then they have been committed to providing their customers with excellent service.

Arbor focuses on developing superior quality snowboards with sustainable materials to provide riders with advanced performance. They make use of Powerply top sheets that are made with sustainably sourced bamboo or wood. Other epic technologies include the Pow Tech and Pow Fenders used in the Terrapin and Cask models that provide a smooth snowboarding experience.

In addition to the exceptional product quality, the brand focuses on protecting and restoring forests through its Returning Roots Program. They have invested in preserving the Koa forests in Hawaii and support several environmental organizations such as Arbor Day Foundation and The Conservation Alliance.

8. Public

If you’re looking for a quality board at an affordable price, Public is one of the best snowboard companies with lower-priced options. A pro snowboarder named Joe Sexton established the brand in 2015. Although it is a smaller brand in the industry, it definitely carved a spot amongst the top snowboard manufacturers in the industry.

Public Snowboards provides innovative designs while paying close attention to the needs and desires of their target audience. Their range is not as extensive as bigger brands, but they certainly do not skimp on quality. The brand also offers various apparel and accessories like hoodies, hats, and bottles for a stylish snowboarding adventure.

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Final Thoughts on Good Snowboard Brands

Now that you’ve read through the snowboard brands list, which one will you be checking out before your next snowy adventure? All of these cool snowboard brands offer high-quality products with various advanced technologies and sustainable production methods.

Regardless of which brand you pick, there is an abundance of suitable product choices that will provide you with comfort and confidence on the slopes. If you’re heading on a snow trip soon, be sure to stay protected with a high-quality snowboard helmet.