10 Best Snowboard Gloves 2022-2023 (Waterproof | Warmest)

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When looking for the best snowboard gloves, it can be difficult to choose from the countless good snow gloves on the market. Not all gloves were created equal. A lot of factors come into play, like comfort, style and size; and we strongly believe that this goes even deeper into materials, functions, features, grip, and more. Snowboard or ski gloves are also an important safety feature, like snow goggles and snowboard helmets.

The quality of your pair of snowboard gloves, and how comfortable they are to wear, will ultimately determine how long you’re able to spend on the slopes. If your glove is badly made, or made from cheap materials, that discomfort can really limit your ability to push through, and you may need to take frequent breaks to rectify these issues and give your hands a rest.

To prevent this, we put together a list of our top 10 best snowboarding gloves and tested them against each other to help make this choosing process easier. After our tests, we grouped all the best snowboard gloves into an easy-to-read comparison table, and then broke them down individually with reviews, their pros and cons, and any nifty features they include.


TLDR: The Hestra Fall Line snowboard gloves were our overall winner out of the gloves we tested. Extremely durable and sturdy, they’re perfect for anyone, beginner to pro, who wants to spend hours on the slopes in comfort, with a few extra features to make them even more worth your money.

Best Snow Gloves: Keep Warm on the Slopes

  1. Burton Profile Gloves
  2. Hestra Fall Line snowboard gloves
  3. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Gloves
  4. Solaris 3M Insulation Ski Gloves
  5. Demon Touchscreen Gloves
  6. The Slugger Ski & Snowboard Glove by Tough Outdoors
  7. Black Diamond Mercury Mittens
  8. Gordini Men’s GTX Storm Trooper II Gloves
  9. Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Gloves
  10. Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mittens

Top Snowboarding Gloves Compared

The Warmest Snowboard Gloves We Found

The warmest snowboarding gloves we tried were the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves, to the point where we even had to take them off our hands got so warm. Here are some of the other warmest gloves on the market that we have had a look at and examined:

Our Choice of the Best Gloves for Snowboarding

While all the gloves listed here are ideal for snowboarding, the Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Gloves were our overall favorite. We think they are the ultimate all-rounders. If you’re looking for some others, try:

Our Choice of Best Waterproof Snow Gloves

Waterproofing is one of the first things we analyzed when reviewing gloves, and the best waterproof snowboard gloves we could find were these amazing gloves right here: Hestra Fall Line snowboard gloves

Snowboarding on a Mountain

The Best Snowboarding Gloves: Our Top 10 Favorites

When it comes to women’s and men’s snowboard gloves, it can sometimes seem impossible to choose between the myriad of options online. So we gathered 10 of the most popular options and found which ones are really worth their time on the mountains.

Read on for a full round-up of our top 10 favorite snowboarding mittens that we tested to help you choose the right pair.

Burton Profile Gloves

Burton Profile Gloves

  • Effective thermacore insulation
  • Double-layer DryRide Ultrashell
  • The palms are prone to ripping if in contact with rough surfaces
  • Not entirely waterproof as moisture will eventually leak through
  • No removable thermal liner
  • Material – DRYRIDE UltraShell 2 layer fabric
  • Waterproof – Yes but can get sodden
  • Insulation type – Thermacore insulation
  • Removable liner – No
  • Touch screen compatible – Yes

Burton is a well-established brand in the world of snow sports, and its gear is renowned for its quality. These Burton Profile gloves we tested are an entry-to-mid level glove that does have some good features that will keep your hands warm while out on the slopes.

We all know that gloves take some time to wear in but these gloves come in a pre-curved fit, ensuring good dexterity from the start. They are pretty versatile as well and will work as a set of gloves for general everyday use. The fact that you can access and use your phone as well with these gloves only adds to the everyday usability. Sizing is consistent so we suggest choosing your regular glove size.

While testing, we thought that they were relatively breathable so your hands shouldn’t get too clammy and the wrist cuffs are adjustable by tightening them, meaning a snug and comfortable fit to keep the cold out.

During our tests we discovered that the gauntlet of the glove is a tad short, so if you are a beginner who has a tendency to crash frequently, your wrists are going to end up pretty cold. Also, the leather-type material that covers the glove can perish and break off after sustained use.

These Burtons are waterproof gloves but after a full day on the slopes we notice they got a little sodden and eventually the water/moisture will leak in. We have found that they would be ideal in temperatures anything over 25 degrees Fahrenheit but anything lower and you start to feel the cold. This is where a removable secondary liner would be nice to have and a thicker glove as well.

Overall, we think that these are good basic gloves that can easily last you a season but that is when they start to show their age. They offer good value for money and will keep your hands warm on your way to and from the slopes, with a few runs down between that.

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Solaris 3M Insulation Ski Gloves

Solaris Gloves

  • Value for money
  • Waterproof
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Rubber snow wiper
  • Zippered pocket on the outer hand
  • May rip easily
  • The finger length is pretty short
  • Material – Polyester
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – 40g 3M Thinsulate and 240g warm cotton
  • Removable liner – No
  • Touch screen compatible – Yes, pointer-finger only

When it comes to a good pair of budget-friendly gloves, we think that these Solaris 3M gloves are a front runner. When we tested them, we thought that they were pretty warm and cozy. A  pair of gloves that will keep your hands nice and toasty in temperatures down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. The sizing of the gloves does run small so we suggest that you order a size larger than you normally would be.

We agree that for such a cost-effective snowboard glove, it is packed full of features that rival some of the more expensive gloves. Something that we tried and loved was the handy little rubber blade on the thumbs to wipe the snow off your snowboard goggles so that you can see what is ahead of you.

I in particular loved that the glove has a small pouch with a zip to hold your ski pass for easy access or those essential little hand warmers for when things get a little too cold.

The surface material is only water-resistant so you can expect the outside to get a little soaked but there is an internal liner that is fully waterproof to keep your hands dry. The gloves are not very breathable though, so this did make our hands pretty sweaty. The one-pull closure and adjustable wrist strap do help create a more comfortable fit which is a nice touch I think.

Overall, these are a good pair of budget snowboarding gloves and if you are getting into boarding or just need a quick pair for a season on the mountain, these will serve you well.

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Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mittens

Outdoor Research Gloves

  • Ultra warm and comfortable
  • Gore-Tex waterproofing
  • Sleek design
  • Mitten design makes it hard to use items
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • The combination of having both a glove and mitten can be irritating
  • Material – #-Layer Gore-Tex laminated nylon shell
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – Synthetic and Primaloft fibers
  • Removable liner – yes
  • Touch screen compatible – No

The Outdoor Research Mt. Baker Modular Mittens are a lovely minimalist and lightweight design for those that like to have a little less bulk while out on the mountain. These can go out in the most extreme of weather and keep your hands nice and toasty.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t use our touchscreen phone while wearing the gloves and the combination of using a glove and mitten at the same time takes some getting used to. It is also a little annoying having to remove both when we want to use our phone. We think that the mittens are also tough to navigate general tasks with as well on top of that.

We liked how the liner was removable, it made cleaning and drying a lot easier before heading out for another session.

When snowboarding gloves are at this price point, though, you expect quality and that is what you get. Apart from the everyday tasks being challenging, these are a quality pair of mittens with a strong closure system and long gauntlets to keep all the snow out. At the end of the day, when compared to other waterproof winter gloves, these are up there with being some of the best available.

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Demon Touchscreen Gloves w/Balaclava

Demon Gloves

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • Comes in very large sizes
  • Average build quality
  • Inner lining can come inside-out when gloves are taken off
  • Not much grip
  • Material – Heavy duty
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – 60gm Fiberloft
  • Removable liner – No
  • Touch screen compatible – Yes

There are quite a few budget-friendly snowboard gloves, but not many that came with a free balaclava. The Demon Snowboard gloves are a good entry-level snowboard glove with a few neat features that we tried out.

First, finding that these gloves are lined with Sherpa on the cuff was a pleasant surprise and made for a really comfortable fit. The heavy-duty fabric is made to be robust and handle some intense situations while also keeping the water out. We liked the buckle and snap closure system that ensures that they stay on, even in the most gnarly of wipeouts. Thankfully, we didn’t ever have the chance to test out that aspect.

Apart from those, the pointer fingertips are mobile-friendly, which we enjoyed and could take some photos while out on the mountain. But like us, you will need to be a pro at using one finger navigation only. There is also a nice little zip compartment that we loved so that we could throw in a few small items. We tested this and threw in a hand warmer for when we needed a little extra warmth. The palm is very durable so there is no need to worry if you come across some rough ice, especially since there are also some extra cuff straps to make sure that they won’t slip off.

The straps do have limitations, though, while testing, we noticed that they don’t always seal properly since they are pretty bulky. The lining does well in taking sweat away from our hands but the gloves can get pretty soaked from wet snow in a short period of time.

These gloves will get you through a season or two and will keep your hands warm in temperatures over 16 degrees Fahrenheit and even at temperatures below freezing. We would rather select a more extreme weather glove for colder temperatures but these are one of the best budget snowboard gloves around.

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The Slugger Ski & Snowboard Gloves by Tough Outdoors

Slugger Gloves

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • One year warranty
  • Very reasonable price
  • Wrist security straps
  • Can get sweaty
  • Short fingers
  • Material – Nylon shell and synthetic leather palm
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – Tech fill
  • Removable liner – No
  • Touch screen compatible – Yes

For those that want a little ‘yard sale insurance,’ these Slugger Snowboard gloves are a good investment. The first thing we noticed was that there is no chance of losing these gloves. Not only is there a snap closure system but there is also a drawstring closure and adjustable wrist buckle. There is even a set of wrist security straps, we actually tried to lose them on purpose and couldn’t..

These winter snowboard gloves boast a trendy design with a waterproof compartment for your ski pass and hand warmers. The synthetic leather palm is a nice touch that adds an element of luxury and style but is susceptible to wear and tear.

The fitment is really good and equally as comfortable. If you add in that they are touchscreen compatible, we can’t deny this is a quality glove at a good price. The sizing is a touch smaller than normal so if you are between sizes, choose the smaller option. This is important as while we tried them out, we noticed the thumb stitching was prone to popping if the gloves are too small.

They even hold their own in the harsher conditions since the insulation is really good. A nice added touch is the little rubber wiper on the back of the thumbs that helped to clear all the snow and condensation off of our goggles.

Overall, this is not only a really good pair of boarding gloves but also a good pair of general gloves for the winter season. And, for a price as good as they are, with premium features, it is almost a no brainer and a favorite from what we tested.

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Black Diamond Mercury Mittens

Black Diamond Gloves

  • Minimalistic design
  • Lightweight
  • Padding to help protect from little falls
  • Waterproof insert is a nice touch
  • Mittens are cumbersome
  • No extra features
  • Material – Polyester and goat leather
  • Waterproof – Yes but insert only
  • Insulation type – Primaloft Gold with cross core insulation
  • Removable liner – Yes
  • Touch screen compatible – No

If you are looking for a warm pair of snowboarding gloves then with no added frills then these Black Diamond Mercury Mittens are a good option. When we compare it to the other gloves, this softshell design has a pretty soft polyester outer shell with a goat leather palm, we loved how these felt straight out the packet. These are pretty breathable too and we liked that the lining is made of recycled fleece, which is what we want to see as the world pushes towards recycling clothing.

Now, these are very much warm gloves with immense layers of insulation placed all around them which does make them very thick and less flexible when compared to other gloves that we analyzed. The sizing tends to run larger so it is best to order a size smaller than you normally are.

These are mittens so we think they can be a touch bulky but even then, these are very simple and sleek in their design. This particular palm grip is made of reinforced goat leather, which we found to be pretty grippy, never losing our grip on a board or anything while we tried them out.

Although these gloves are waterproof, it is more the liner that is the waterproof element so the exterior can get a bit wet. They don’t have any wrist straps though which was a little frustrating, when not using them we had to either hold them or tuck them into a pocket. The warmth that these give though is unmatched when compared to any other glove here. It is even warmer when compared to the Gore-Tex gloves from Dakine and Burton that we tested.

These are a valid choice as a mitten to treat yourself to before hitting the mountains in Utah. They are flexible and easy to use from the moment that you start wearing them.

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Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

Burton Gore Gloves

  • Touchscreen-friendly
  • One year warranty
  • Under-glove liner included
  • Breathable gloves
  • Removable liner
  • Build quality seems to vary from pair to pair
  • No goggle wiper
  • Are pretty bulky to wear
  • Material – DRYRIDE Fabric with GORE-TEX
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – Synthetic Thermacore polyester
  • Removable liner – Yes
  • Touch screen compatible – Yes

If you are looking for a pair of gloves with advanced Gore-Tex technology, these Burton GORE-Tex gloves are a worthwhile consideration. These are some of the more expensive gloves that we analyzed and compared on the list to see if there was a massive difference between these and Burton’s more entry-level option.

Now, can we just say from the start that these are a feature-packed pair of gloves with almost everything you can imagine…apart from a goggle scraper on the thumb. If you want to venture onto the highest peak in the coldest weather then these gloves are perfect with the level of warmth and protection they provide.

They come pre-curved for added usability and a set of removable fleece liners that you can store in the little pocket on the back. We found that the liners are a little hit and miss and when you do use them, the gloves feel very bulky. They are built to be durable but we discovered that the fingertips are the weak point of the gloves with them tearing after a lot of use.

The fingertips are responsive on a phone screen, even with the liners. They kept our hands warm in some extreme temperatures, that’s for sure. The build quality is hit or miss unfortunately which, when you consider the price, is a challenging thing to weigh up – but overall, these gloves are amazing when compared to some others that we tested.

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Hestra Gloves Fall Line

Hestra Gloves

  • Incredibly durable and sturdy
  • Great fit and flexibility
  • Strong carabiner to ensure that you don’t lose your gloves
  • Not touchscreen compatible
  • More expensive than others on our list
  • Material – Leather
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – Polyester fibers
  • Removable liner – No
  • Touch screen compatible – No

The Hestra Fall Line snowboard gloves are our overall winner for a quality pair of the best men’s snowboarding gloves and best waterproof snow gloves. While they aren’t cheap, these leather ski gloves have got an incredible build quality, sturdiness, and durability that didn’t leave us disappointed when we tested them.

These gloves are fashioned out of some luxurious cowhide outer, meaning that these gloves are both extremely tough and durable and will only get softer with more use. We found them to be supple and flexible as all gloves need to be (a nice feature, considering that they are made of leather). They contain a layer of foam for added insulation and comfort. And while not touchscreen compatible, they make up for the lack thereof with a 10/10 build quality.

These are the gloves of choice for an advanced snowboarder, and not only kept our hands warm and dry, but add a level of protection incase of a fall or hit. An added bonus is the four colors they come in which we liked a lot, and the old-school, hardcore biker design. They are good at holding up against almost all forms of moisture, from snow to rain but I found out the hard way that dog drool will make it wet weirdly enough.

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Gordini Men’s GTX Storm Trooper II Gloves

Gordini GTX Gloves

  • GoreTex Lining
  • Incredibly sturdy and durable build
  • Fantastic Grip
  • Not touchscreen-friendly
  • Material – Nylon
  • Waterproof – Yes
  • Insulation type – Synthetic
  • Removable liner –
  • Touch screen compatible –

The Gordini Men’s snowboard gloves are the runner-up – behind the Hestras  – for our glove of choice. Using a more modern Gore-Tex lining in combination with their Nylon / Spandex build, we found that these Gordini gloves ensure warmth, moisture-wicking, and waterproofing to the fullest extent.

We liked the breathable and minimalist design as it looks incredibly stylish. These would be equally at home on the streets of Manhattan as they are on the mountain. The discrete zip compartment is perfect for hand warmers, not that you will need them as our hands did stay nice and warm in near freezing point temperatures. Fitment is pretty accurate so your normal glove size will work just fine.

With a stylish, color-accented goat leather trim on the back of the hand and bulky build, these are a quality choice for any winter glove. From the very beginner to the pro, this is a strong pair of gloves that will love on through the elements that are thrown at them. These gloves will tide you over for years to come, I know that I will be holding onto a pair myself.

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Dakine Men’s Titan Gore-Tex Gloves

Dakine Titan Gloves

  • Gore-Tex Insert is touchscreen-friendly
  • Rubber goggle wipe and soft nose wipe on the thumbs
  • Easy to clean and dry
  • Lots of color options
  • Sizes can run too large
  • Stitching around the wrist leash can tear
  • Material – Polyester
  • Waterproof – Main shell is water-repellent with the insert being waterproof
  • Insulation type – Polyester fiber
  • Removable liner – Yes
  • Touch screen compatible – Liner only

The Dakine Titan Gore-Tex Gloves are a high-end, sleek-looking pair of snowboard gloves for your adventure mountain sports. These are for the wannabe-pro or seasoned pro who spends a lot of time on the mountain during the season. One of our findings was that they are somewhat delicate, though, with the full Polyester construction meaning they have to be hand-washed.

While the glove isn’t touchscreen compatible, we found that the removable Gore-Tex insert is, and has great capability to play around on our phones with. This insert also has the added bonus of making the gloves easy to clean or dry out, we discovered.

Aside from the handy tightening cinches, the gloves also include a nifty goggle wiper on the left thumb and a soft nose wipe on the right. The only issue we found is that the stitching can come apart around the wrist leash so that is something to just be mindful of.

When looking at the Dakine vs Burton gloves, Burton is probably more premium quality, durable and sturdy. However, the Dakine gloves stand out as a great all-rounder, combining all necessary and desirable elements of a glove into one high-quality product.

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Similarly, during the warmer months, you will find him on the water testing a broad selection of gear, including the best affordable dive watches.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Snowboarding Gloves

All the gloves we reviewed serve their intended purpose, with some going above and beyond others in terms of utility and extras. Ultimately, you need to create something of your own snowboard gloves review to choose your favorite snowboard gear. You’ll need to weigh up the capabilities and features of each pair in relation to your intended use to find the top snowboard glove for you.

Remember, utility always comes before style when shopping for outdoor clothing and winter gear. A good pair of quality gloves is essential when packing for a snowboarding trip, as they will both keep your digits safe, trap body heat, and keep comfort to a maximum during hours of use in extreme conditions. It’s important they first serve their base function of providing safety during winter sports, before all the extra frills and features you may jump at.

With all this information in mind, it won’t be long before you’re set with a strong pair of some of the best snow gloves for the seasons to come, and ready for whatever weather is headed your way. Hopefully, you’ve found the best snow gloves for snowboarding in this list that suit your buying criteria. Enjoy your ultimate pair of hand warmers like we are!

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