Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviewed | Cheap, Women’s, & More

Organizing some gadgets and goggles for your next snowmobiling trip? Look no further. In this article, we’ll be including reviews on some of the best snowmobile goggles to help you make the most suitable choice.

Snowmobiling is undoubtedly one of the many highlights of the snowy, winter season. But this outdoor hobby is often met with cold temperatures, irregular lighting conditions, and a windy environment. For that reason, you’re going to need some special equipment to ensure that every ride goes smoothly.

Much like thick jackets, ski gloves, and winter boots, snowmobile goggles protect you from the more extreme winter elements. But there’s plenty of factors that one needs to consider when choosing the right pair. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up some of the best options available, and what to look out for when making your pick. So keep reading for more.


TLDR: With a range of high-quality features at a reasonable price, the Zionor X4 is an absolute favorite. Its high-performance unisex design, superior lens technology, and stellar reviews are what make it a sure winner.

The polarized, anti-fog, interchangeable lens with Enhanced Durability Tech makes for a fierce pair of goggles that’s sure to keep you riding smoothly and safely. And with magnetic lens technology, swapping lenses takes merely a few seconds before you’re ready to hit the slopes once more.

Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviews

Some of the best snowmobile goggles on our recommended list include:

  1. Smith Riot ChromaPop Snow Goggles review
  2. OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles review
  3. Zionor X4 review
  4. Extra Mile Ski Goggles review
  5. Akaso Snow Goggles for Youth review

Best Snowmobile Goggles Comparison Table

In a hurry? The table below provides a quick overview of all the best snowmobile goggles. But if you’d like to read about it in more detail, we explore more in-depth reviews later in the article too.

Product nameBest forImageAnti-fogRatingBudgetPrice
Smith Riot ChromaPop Snow Goggles WomenYes8.5$$$ Click to Check Price
Zionor X4All-roundersYes9$$ Click to Check Price
Extra Mile Ski GogglesBudget adventurersYes7$ Click to Check Price
Akaso Snow Goggles For YouthYouthYes8$ Click to Check Price
OutdoorMaster OTG Ski GogglesAll-roundersYes8.5$ Click to Check Price

Women’s Snowmobile Goggles

Our top pick is the Zionor X4. With 100% UV protection, anti-fog lens, and Enhanced Durability Tech, it’s an easy favorite.

Some other favorites made to fit women include:

Cheap Snowmobile Goggles

When it comes to buying snowmobile goggles for a low price, the Juli Ski Goggles should be your item of choice. Plus, it’s anti-fog, helmet-compatible, and the low price doesn’t necessarily mean that it compromises on quality.

Some other great budget options include:

Youth Snowmobile Goggles

It should be no surprise that kids want in on the fun of snowmobiling too. Our recommendation is the AKASO Snow Goggles for Youth

However, some of the other really great options include:

Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviewed

Now that you’ve got a better idea of what to expect in this selection, we’ll explore these products in a little more detail. Here, you’ll find all the pros, cons, and product reviews to help you get a better idea of each option and which works best for you!

Smith Riot ChromaPop Snow Goggles review

Designed specifically for women, these goggles are specially tailored and equipped with top-class technology for the ultimate winter sporting experience.

Some of its most prized features include:

  • 100% UV protection
  • Helmet compatible, with silicone-backed strap
  • Interchangeable lens system plus bonus lens and microfiber goggles bag with replacement lens sleeve
  • Molded Carbonic-X lens with Tapered Lens Technology
  • Hydrophobic lens that repels moisture, grease, and grime

The refined frame with an oversized, polarized cylindrical lens makes this pair of goggles a perfect fit for women. They provide clear visibility under various conditions, great compatibility with helmets, and optimal comfort throughout.


  • Extra lens included
  • Crisp, true-to-life color and clarity
  • Lightweight


  • No mirroring
  • Low level of padding
  • Not suitable for hardcore snow activity

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OutdoorMaster OTG Ski Goggles review

Our top pick from the unisex section does more than just fit both men and women. Some of the many star qualities of these goggles include:

  • Over-The-Glasses design that ensures that these goggles fit over your glasses.
  • The dual-layer lens includes anti-fog technology on the inner layer, so you don’t have to worry about your goggles fogging up.
  • With a soft TPU frame, the lenses provide 100% UV protection.
  • An extra-long elastic strap ensures universal helmet compatibility.

If you’re looking for a pair of snowmobile goggles that fit over your glasses, look no further. With soft, thick padding and an adjustable strap, these goggles are sure to fit snugly. So rest assured that you’ll be able to enjoy your experience in comfort. The anti-fog technology ensures that your view remains crystal clear. And that applies when it’s sunny, cloudy, and even when it’s dark.

While they may not be of exceptional quality, these goggles are pretty effective in getting the job done. And at a fraction of the cost of expensive high-end alternatives. This makes them perfect for short-term use.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Clear vision under most weather conditions
  • Noticeable comfort


  • Not ideal for younger children (or adults with a small head)
  • Without a hard, protective case, the lens is prone to scratching
  • May not accommodate larger spectacle sizes

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Zionor X4 review

Few can compete with a multitude of top-quality characteristics in a single pair of goggles. Some of its most mentionable features include:

  • 100% UV 400 protection
  • Lens can be easily replaced to suit varying terrains and lighting conditions, made possible by its magnetic lens technology
  • Anti-fogging treatment for clearer vision
  • Enhanced Durability Tech for better impact resistance

It should come as no surprise that this pair has made it onto our list. They’re unisex, high performance with advanced air-flow technology, and have numerous qualities that work together to ensure optimal visual performance.

These polarized snowmobile goggles are not particularly suitable for fierce snowstorms, but then again, few pairs are. And they manage quite well under most winter conditions.


  • Quickly adapts to changes in weather conditions
  • Lens changes take just a few seconds
  • Strap is elastic and resistant, so it adjusts well


  • Could use more style options
  • Not suitable for small faces
  • Not particularly scratch resistant, so a hard, protective case is necessary

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Extra Mile Ski Goggles review

One of our best budget picks, this pair of goggles is ideal for those looking for a combination of low cost and decent quality.

  • UV 400 Protection
  • Smart Ventilation System to reduce fogginess
  • Multiple Reflection Spliced Lens
  • Detachable lens for quick lens change

With 180 degrees peripheral vision and a built-in ventilation system, these budget-friendly, anti-fog snowmobile goggles are well worth the price. If you’re looking to purchase a cheap alternative to use once-off or to keep as a spare, you’ve come to the right place.

At such a low cost, it’s good to bear in mind that this pair is not designed for long-term use. But as long as you’re aware of that and do your best to look after them, they’ll get the job done.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique, stylish design
  • Soft and comfortable


  • Not very suitable in darker conditions
  • Doesn’t use ventilation holes for ventilation
  • Not scratch-resistant

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Akaso Snow Goggles for Youth review

Designed specifically for younger adventurers, these snow goggles are perfectly suited for a trip on a snowmobile.

  • Venting windows and hydrophilic coating on the inner layer reduce the risk of fogging.
  • Lens is anti-scratch and impact-resistant, for increased durability
  • Mirror-coated spherical lens offers 100% UV 400 protection for crisp vision with reduced glare
  • Multiple VLT values available to suit various lighting conditions

At a reasonable price, expect reasonable features. These goggles are of decent quality, offering triple-layer foam, a helmet-compatible strap, and anti-slip technology in addition to the above-mentioned features.

It offers all the necessary protection to ride in safety and comfort. And, as an added bonus, they look pretty cool. So that’ll be more than enough to impress the kids.


  • Comfortable fit
  • Includes a pouch
  • Allows for crisp, clear vision


  • Not suitable for use while it’s snowing
  • Prone to cosmetic damage
  • Doesn’t adjust well from bright to dim lighting conditions, and vice versa

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Best Snowmobile Goggles Buyers Guide

While all basic snow goggles offer general protection from the winter elements, there are some key factors to consider when buying a new pair. To avoid having to spend extra cash on equipment at the last minute, we’ve curated a helpful guide of factors to consider when choosing a good pair of snowmobile goggles.


The level of tint, UV protection, anti-fog technology, and peripheral vision are all important factors to take note of when considering a lens. And some of these features may rank higher in priority than others.

You should ensure that you take into consideration the weather, environment, and lighting conditions in which you’ll be using your goggles. Lens changing systems are particularly handy in this regard.


Double lenses and a good ventilation system help reduce the risk of fogging. Vents help facilitate airflow, which then combats condensation so that they don’t fog up and impair your vision.

Design & Comfort

From face foam and helmet compatibility to chunky frames and 180 peripheral vision, design and comfort should be a top priority. You could have the best snow goggle technology in the world, but they’re useless if the goggles themselves don’t fit.

As an added measure, check out this YouTube video for a more in-depth guide:

How to Buy Snow Goggles - BUYERS GUIDE | SportRx

Wrapping Up Best Snowmobile Goggle Reviews

When it comes to snowmobile goggles, there is no one size fits all. You could be looking for a pair specifically designed to fit women, or a cheap pair to keep as a backup. Either way, it’s a good idea to do your research beforehand so you can make the best possible choice.

When you’re out on a snowmobiling escapade, the last thing you want is to end up with ill-suited equipment that could compromise your trip. Reading snowmobile goggle reviews definitely help, and hopefully, this guide has too.

Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, you should have a better understanding of snowmobiling goggles. We’ve covered what their pros and cons are, and how to go about choosing a pair. So grab your gadgets, goggles, and heated jacket, and get ready for your next winter adventure.