Complete Buying Guide for Choosing Snowmobile Goggles

With new snow goggles coming out every year, your options are increasing and thus turning your search into a chore. It is that much harder to choose which snowmobile goggles to buy.

Not to mention, the snow goggles that you can buy are multi-use. What does that mean? Well, since there are various types of snow activities and sports, the snow goggles you’ll see in stores and online shops aren’t designed for only one snow sport. 

However, there are some features pertaining to snow goggles that are especially good for certain sports.

Here, we’re going to give you a guide on the best snowmobile goggles available right now in the market and how to shop for one! So just chill out behind your screen, we’ve already done the groundwork for you. 

How to Choose Snowmobile Goggles?

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Choosing a good pair of snowmobile goggles is as important as choosing the right snowmobile (learn more about that here).

Size and fit

When I say size and fit, it’s not just that it’s the right size, as in adult size for adults and youth size for children, or even an XL model that some brands make. What it means is that the size and fit have to be right for you. Size is a personal thing because it’s how the lens wraps around your face and how comfortable the strap feels around your head. Most adult sizes are medium-shaped and some are oversized. Also, if you normally wear glasses, that will impact the fit of the goggles. You can buy goggles that are compatible with prescription glasses so it’s not too tight. 

Extra lenses for the brightness

Winter sports enthusiasts and experts will all recommend getting snowmobile goggles that come with extra lenses. Get one for overcast days and another for extra bright and sunny days. It’s not a necessary feature, but if you want maximum comfort and visibility, this will be important for you. 

Peripheral/Frameless Goggles

This may not even be an issue since most goggles nowadays are frameless and peripheral. Just make sure you choose one that is, because it will make a world of a difference. When snowmobiling, having an easy time looking around you or at your feet will be so much less straining.

Outrigger Straps

Sometimes what makes things better is the unnoticed details. Outrigger straps are those that come behind the frame, allowing it to hug your head. This means it won’t move, slip off, and will feel a whole lot more secure. 

Nose/Face Mask Compatibility

When you’re snowmobiling, you’re out for hours in the cold, and sometimes going in the direction of cold wind. It’s going to feel a lot better with your nose and face covered. Buy goggles that come with nose masks, or removable face covers. If it doesn’t come with one, make sure it’s at least compatible with covers so you can purchase one separately. 

The Best Snowmobile Goggles Reviewed 

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Now that we know what specific features to look for, let’s dive into some specific models.

Anon m4

It’s currently leading for optics and visibility.


  • Amazing optics and field of vision
  • Completely frameless and peripheral
  • Comes with two lens
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • Comes with a face mask that magnetically attaches 
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Outrigger straps

Note: This is a Men’s model. There isn’t a women’s M4 model. The men’s M4 may fit some women, but keep in mind that Anon designs their women’s goggles a bit smaller to cater to women’s sizing. 

Smith I/O Mag

The ultimate goggles for comfort and visibility.


  • Has a Responsive Fit™ frame that adjusts to fit your face
  • ChromaPop™ lens makes the color pop and enhances the contrast and natural color
  • Completely peripheral and frameless lens
  • Select your lens color based on your needs for visibility
  • Comes with 2 lenses
  • Anti-fog lens
  • Outrigger straps

Dragon PXV With Bonus Lens

Here’s to increased visibility and panoramic views.


  • Panoramic, very wide peripheral frame
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • Comes with two lenses
  • Outrigger straps
  • Anti-fog lens

509 Sinister X6

This is essentially the better X5 model. 


  • Nearly Frameless
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • Removable nose mask
  • Easy lens changing
  • Comes with a lot of options for lens color
  • Outrigger straps
  • Anti-fog lens

KLIM Edge 

The unrivaled functional goggles. 


  • Frameless lens
  • Compatible with eyeglasses
  • Removable nose mask
  • Lens is removable for different colors
  • Outrigger straps
  • Anti-fog lens

FXR Pilot Polarized


  • Nearly frameless
  • Extra lens options available
  • Polarized lens, which reduces glare
  • 3D contoured face foam
  • Comes with removable nose mask
  • Outrigger straps
  • Anti-fog lens


Smiling woman in ski helmet

What is the Best Lens Color for Snowmobile Goggles?

Believe or not, the lens color of your snow goggles isn’t just for aesthetics. In fact, it has a lot to do with how well you see. 

  • Yellow, amber, gold, or orange are best for overcast, gloomy, and foggy days. Since they are bright colors, they will brighten your view of things. Many who do winter sports will use these since it makes everything brighter and easier to see. 
  • Clear lenses don’t enhance the color, but they are good for seeing in the dark. 
  • If you’re concerned mostly about eye strain in sunny conditions, get grey-tinted lenses, because you’ll be able to see better.

Choose one according to your preferences. Most people who snowmobile or do other kinds of winter sports have two types of lenses because you never know what kind of day you’ll get. But if you only want one, there are universal lenses that are good for all weather, which are called medium VLT lenses. 

How Do You Keep Your Goggles Fog-Free?

Avoid taking your goggles off much. Once the warm air from your goggles comes into contact with the cold air, it fogs up. Also, even though you may be tempted to tuck in your face warmer or mask under your goggles to keep it secure, try not to. It will otherwise receive more warm air from your breath. 

Is it necessary to buy Heated Goggles for Snowmobiling?

No, it isn’t, however, it has pros that may be hard to pass up for you. It prevents lenses from fogging up, which is very important for visibility and comfort.

How much should You Spend on Snowmobile Goggles?

The thing about snow goggles is that most of them are pretty expensive. There’s no going around it. But don’t buy a super cheap one either. You should expect to spend at least $75 for a good one. There are some budget-friendly goggles that are very functional and give you all the standard comfort and visibility features. Especially if you’re an occasional snowmobiler, don’t spend too much. Think about going over $150 if you go snowmobiling often or other winter sports as well. 

So this was our guide on buying the best snowmobile goggles for your next winter sports trip. Let us know which one you end up picking for your next extreme adventure.