Top Extreme Sports in New Zealand to try NOW!

The adventure junkie of today is seeking different channels for attaining speed and that extra rush of adrenaline, which has raised the bar of the wide world of extreme sports to insane levels.

If you are one of those seeking to do a thrilling stunt, look no further and head to the country of the Mother of all fast paced activities – New Zealand, in order to brave through these scream-inducing sports.

MUST – TRY Extreme Sports in New Zealand for Adrenaline Junkies

extreme sports in new zealand

Look before you leap

If you are yearning for some seriously exciting stuff, just head to the tallest building in Auckland. Standing at 328m, the Sky Tower is located bang in the middle of the city’s Central Business District and offers first, an exhilarating Sky Walk, and then a Sky Jump, the ultimate leap to the ground 192m below. Your awesome guide will point out some of the major attractions of Auckland, and induce you to take the challenge by relating interesting stories.

sky tower auckland

As you plunge down past the 53 floors at 85 kmph with nothing but a wire between your legs for support, the eleven seconds of free fall will create a spine-tingling rush of adrenaline unlike ever felt before. So if you are ready to take the leap of a lifetime, look for this unique experience sport today.

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Take on the Sleeping God Canyon

Experience one of the most challenging days canyoning in the outdoors of the spectacular Kauaeranga Valley on the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand. The Sleeping God Canyon stream is a trickle as it starts from its sheltered source in a grove of Kauri trees, but soon turns into a torrent as it cascades over multiple waterfalls over a steep valley.

Your canyoning tour will include a 300m vertical descent, jumps in deep pools and water slides by using abseils/rappels as you attempt to come down over the rapids.This full day thrilling activity is open to anyone over 15 years of age, with a reasonable level of fitness.

Marvel at an underwater cave world

New Zealand is on the leading list for cavers as it is home to the most challenging and spectacular caving systems in the world. Black water rafting, as this sport is often referred to, is best enjoyed at the Waitomo Caves, said to be the home to the deepest sinkhole in the whole of the Southern Hemisphere.

The best way to experience the Black Abyss is by ziplining through the underground waterfalls as you test your stamina by abseiling into the subterranean world. This five hour adventure will reveal a cave full of glow worms, float in fast flowing waters and climb rocks over underground waterfalls.

Go Heli-skiing in the Southern Alps

heli skiing new zealand

Only for the extreme adventure buffs, a heli skiing experience in New Zealand says farewell to the traditional ski lift and instead uses a helicopter to drop you on some of the most challenging and wicked skiing trails.This exclusive activity is available in the mountains surrounding the famous resort towns of Wanaka and Queenstown, featuring dramatic landscapes and perfect backcountry terrain.The heli skiing trip begins with a briefing with regards to avalanche, mountain and helicopter safety, just before take-off for your heli-ski run. At the end of the day, you get a well deserved apres ski evening which each location offers.

Tackle the Old Ghost Road

The 85km Old Ghost Road is the longest single track road in New Zealand, located in the most challenging and remote region of the country. It is a must for intrepid mountain bikers who are in search of the epic backcountry ride. The trail has been established on the West Coast between the ghost town of Lyell and Seddonville and lies on an old gold mining route.

mountain biking

Riding the trail involves traversing vast tracts of wilderness, narrow roads, overcoming large obstacles, and overnight stays in remote cabins and camps. Apart from being challenging, there are sections with steep drop-offs and where riders must dismount in places. Additionally, the trail can be subjected to heavy rain, freezing temperatures, and even snow on some of the elevated stretches.

View the forest from above

This zipline canopy activity, allows the bravehearts to view the wonders of the ancient New Zealand’s forest from a different perspective. This three-hour high octane trip allows you to swing over the trees and view some of the most remarkable flora and fauna of the natural world.

You may not replicate Tarzan, but you will surely come quite close to doing what he delighted in by meandering through treetops, walking trails, swing bridges and flying foxes, some 40m above the ground. As you gaze down from the 22m high platforms, you will feel transported back into a mythical world.

Submersible shark thrill ride

Reaching speeds of 40 kmph under the water and a staggering 80 kmph over it, nothing comes closer to a water thrill than a ride on the ultimate shark and man machine. If you want a feel of flying a fighter jet or riding a torpedo, for sheer excitement be prepared to ride in the world’s only semi-submersible shark machine in Queenstown.

The super-powered 260hp engines accelerate from 0 to 80 kmph in under four seconds to guarantee the ride of a lifetime. Add to it the dives, 90-degree rolls and 18 feet high jumps out of the water and you will be as close to a roller coaster experience, albeit on water. The sealed cockpit can withstand the G-force capabilities of the machine for providing you an adventure with a 360-degree view you will never forget.

Enjoy a geothermal adventure

Kiwis always have an eye for new adventurous things to do so they came up with the novel idea of a jet boat a few years ago. The sense of excitement has now been taken to an entirely new level by embarking on the Squeeze. This high adrenaline sport involves a jet boat ride, in pristine nature, with the added thrill of trying to squeeze through tight rocky passages and cascading over mysterious hot spring waterfalls in the scenic Tutukau Gorge. As you relax in the healing waters of a naturally heated pool, the feeling is sure to create long-lasting memories.

geothermal nz

It is said that the Kiwis invent more and more new adventure experiences, just for promoting the travel market. Adventure enthusiasts from all over the world flock to New Zealand to embrace in natures’ elements and at the same time test their courage and limits on a wide range of palm-sweating activities that are sure to impress even the bravest of bravehearts. No wonder it is dubbed the adventure capital of the world.

So what are you waiting for? Head to New Zealand to satiate your adrenaline quotient now!