Best Gifts for Climbers: 11 Cool Climbing Gadgets and Gear Ideas

Climbers are simple creatures. We love to climb, we love to be outdoors, and we love people who give us sparkling new climbing gear. All jokes aside – you may think that gift shopping for the climber in your life is a tough challenge, but we’re here to tell you that it really doesn’t have to be! In all honesty, we’re pretty easily pleased.

The following list breaks down the best gift ideas for rock climbers. We’ve made sure they’re mostly applicable to all types of climbers, and we tried to include stuff that’s highly giftable. By that we mean, the climber won’t have to be involved in the purchase decision for most of these items. So you can give them a happy surprise.

We’ve also tried to keep these cool rock climbing gifts relatively affordable. This means you could combine a few of them to create a larger gift for close friends or loved ones.

Best Gifts for Rock Climbers

  1. Chalk
  2. Chalk Bag
  3. Shoe Freshener
  4. Climbing Brush
  5. Finger Tape
  6. Chalk Pot
  7. A Good Climbing Book
  8. Camping Hammock
  9. Harness
  10. Shoes
  11. Crash Pad
GiftBest ForImageRecommendation Price
ChalkAll climbersFrictionLabs$$
Chalk BagSport / trad climbersEvolv Canvas Chalk Bag$$
Shoe FreshenerAll climbersNonScents Shoe Deodorizer$$
BrushAll climbersCrush Climbing Crush Brush$$
Chalk PotBoulderersDMM Edge Chalk Bucket$$$
Climbing BookAll climbersThe Push: A Climber's Search for the Path$$
Finger TapeAll climbersWhite Finger Tape$$
HammockOutdoor climbersWise Owl Outfitters Hammock$$
Climbing ShoesBeginnersLa Sportiva Finale Climbing Shoe$$$$
HarnessBeginnersBlack Diamond Momentum Harness$$$$
Crash PadBoulderersMad Rock Mad Pad (Black)$$$$


One thing climbers will always need, no matter how experienced they are or which type of climbing they pursue, is chalk. Chalk is perhaps the most fundamental rock climbing accessory, and you can never have too much of it.

The fact that it inherently gets ‘used up’ over time makes it a winner of a gift – a climber will always appreciate a stockpile of chalk. And the best bit? It’s really affordable. You can choose to buy a small $5 bag for a friend, or treat a loved one to a big ol’ 10oz bag that will keep them smiling for months.

While there’s an endless array of chalk brands to choose from, our favorite, without a doubt, is FrictionLabs. They’re widely considered the best chalk brand out there, with a comprehensive range of products to suit all tastes.

If your rock-loving pal is one of the very few oddballs who hasn’t caught on to the magic of chalk, you could give it a miss. Or you could do them a favor and get it for them anyway. They’ll thank you later, we’re sure of it.

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Chalk Bag

A chalk bag is another classic. As the name suggests, it’s a small pouch or bag that you fill with chalk. They’re designed to be clipped to a harness so climbers can re-chalk while they’re climbing. They’re pretty much an essential piece of kit for any climber and can make a perfect gift. Chalk bags are also pretty affordable.

While they’re most handy for trad and sport climbers, boulderers can always benefit from them too. They’re easier to carry around than chalk pots (made for bouldering), which is especially useful if the person in question climbs outdoors a lot.

There are thousands of chalk bags to choose from, each with their own unique flare. So we’ll discuss a couple of our favorites.

The Sukoa Chalk Bag is a top-notch choice when it comes to practicality, with its tight closure and storage pockets. But if you’re looking for something a little funkier (the funkier the better when it comes to chalk bags), the Evolv Canvas Chalk Bag is a stunner.

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Shoe Freshener

One of the few unfortunate side effects of rock climbing is sweaty shoes. It’s unavoidable. Climbing hard means sweating hard, and to be honest, it’s a small price to pay.

But there is a solution. Shoe deodorizers can work miracles on an unfortunate-smelling pair of climbing shoes. They come in many different shapes and forms, but in our experience, the NonScents Shoe Deodorizer is a top choice.

These are little pouches of magic that slip right into a pair of shoes and cast away the smells overnight. They don’t just mask the smell, they eliminate it at a molecular level. They’re also highly versatile and can be used to eliminate odors for up to 6 months.

If you live with a climber, you can probably relate to the unholy smell that comes with a pair of climbing shoes. So this gift can be just as much of a pleasure to you as it is to them!

Tip: Do your loved one a favor and get them to supplement their NonScents with good regular shoe cleaning.

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Climbing Brush

Another great gift for rock climbers of all varieties is a climbing brush. These devices look like large, meaty toothbrushes and are used to help prepare the rock for climbing. Climbers use them to brush away dirt, grime, chalk, grease, and rubber, in order to ensure proper grip is achieved.

If your climbing buddy is anything like us, they’ve probably gone through a few climbing brushes in their time. Most have a tendency to snap or wear out after a long period of heavy use.

The Crush Climbing Crush Brush will be a welcome delight to any climber. The reinforced handle is almost indestructible, and the bristles are made from boar’s hair. These all-natural fibers come with many advantages that other materials don’t offer. They don’t damage or polish the rock, they don’t leave any residue, and they are most effective at improving grip.

If the lucky person in question already has a brush, they’ll appreciate a backup for when theirs inevitably fails. If they’re newer to the sport, and haven’t bought one yet (or worse, are using their old toothbrush..), they’ll be over the moon. It’ll make climbing more fun for them and for others who share their routes, while improving their performance as well.

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Finger Tape

Climbers’ hands take a beating. We all get cuts, gouges, and tears during our climbing adventures. And while most climber’s hands are hard-wearing, sometimes a cut or tear can put us on the bench for the session if we don’t have any finger tape.

Finger tape can be used both to address existing injuries and prevent new ones. It’s a sticky white tape that can be torn easy, so climbers can easily patch up sensitive areas or cuts. Hampton Adams make a great White Finger Tape, that’s ideal for climbers and pretty inexpensive.

Tape is another one of those accessories that will always be useful and always run out, so giving your climber friend a stockpile will certainly come in handy.

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Chalk Pot

All the gifts so far have been great options for all types of climbers, but a chalk pot is specifically designed for boulderers. Sport and trad climbers generally keep a chalk bag attached to their harness, but bouldering routes are short. So boulderers can usually leave theirs on the ground. That’s where chalk pots come in.

Chalk pots are larger than chalk bags and they sit upright on the ground. They generally have large bases to stop them from tipping, unlike chalk bags which won’t stop falling over. Your bouldering buddy can chalk up, climb their route, and then head back over to their big, cushy chalk pot for a re-chalk.

The DMM Edge Chalk Bucket is a clear winner in this department. It’s big, stable, and very well designed. It has a sizeable chalk well and a double closure system which means hardly any chalk can escape when properly closed. The DMM also offers a pair of brush pouches and some additional pockets for storing other bits of kit or personal belongings.

A chalk pot is one of our favorite gifts for indoor rock climbers.

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A Good Climbing Book

Climbers enjoy a bit of inspiration, and they often love hearing about crazy climbing adventures that others have pursued. It gives them something to push for, or at least a like-minded person to admire. That’s where a good climbing book can come in.

There are a couple of books on the market at the moment that tell pretty unbelievable (but very much true) stories of endurance, skill, and determination in the context of rock climbing. Both of our favorites take place in Yosemite national park; one through the eyes of Tommy Caldwell and the other through the eyes of Alex Honnold.

Tommy Caldwell’s book ‘The Push: A Climber’s Search for the Path’ follows the story of his climb up El Capitan’s Dawn Wall. The adventure is one that was previously thought of as impossible. It’s long and grueling but makes for an incredibly gripping and fascinating read.

Alex Honnold has become somewhat of a climbing superstar in recent years. He’s often considered one of the best rock climbers of all time, and his story is out of this world. His book follows his free solo climb of El Capitan.

For those who don’t know, free soloing is climbing without ropes, protective gear or a climbing partner, leading to the book’s aptly chosen title ‘Alone on the Wall’. Alex scales a 3000 ft smooth granite wall in just under 2 hours with no protective gear. It‘s just as insane and gripping as it sounds.

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Camping Hammock

Most climbers are adventurers at heart and generally gravitate toward the great outdoors. Camping and climbing go hand in hand, and a hammock is a great addition to any outdoor adventure. You’ll often find climbers strung lazily between two trees while taking a break.

The Wise Owl Outfitters Hammock is both lightweight and durable. Tucked in a backpack it will provide plenty of laid back lounging for your loved one, as they enjoy their outdoor adventures.

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Other Great Gifts for Rock Climbers

Some obvious omissions from the list above include climbing shoes and harnesses. These are both staples to most climbers, but we left them out for a reason. Choosing these types of gear is generally quite a personal (and pricey) process that a climber would want to be a part of. And most climbers will already have both a harness and shoes.

However, if they’re new to climbing they may not have either. It could be worth involving your loved one in the selection process if you go for one of these items, which we think is perfectly acceptable.


Harnesses are vital for any climbers that aren’t exclusively boulderers. If your climber doesn’t have one or are complaining about the one they have, a harness can make a stellar gift. Take a look at our guide to the best climbing harnesses if you’re considering getting them one. The Black Diamond Momentum Harness is a winning choice.

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If they’re a beginner and are currently renting shoes, a solid pair of beginner climbing shoes is an amazing gift. It’ll save them money and allow them to use some proper shoes that will eventually mold to their feet. We strongly recommend getting them a pair of La Sportiva Finale, or Evolv Defy. Both are top-notch beginner shoes that will go the distance.

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Crash Pad

This one is only relevant to outdoor boulderers, but to them, it is very relevant indeed. The crash pad is what stops boulderers from injuring themselves in the event of a fall. Generally, the more crash pads the better, because more pads means you can cover a larger surface area.

So if your climber usually uses their friend’s crash pad, having their own will help make the whole group happier and safer.

We recommend the Mad Rock Mad Pad or the Organic Climbing Simple Pad.

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A Simple Guide to Climbers

Female climber repelling down a rock face

We’ve used some climbing jargon in this post that you may be unfamiliar with, so we thought we would clear a few things up. We primarily want to discuss the different types of climbing.

Types of Climbing

There are a few main types of climbing, each of which requires slightly different gear. The most common types are the following:

  • Bouldering: Climbing up boulders or small walls, generally no larger than 15ft. No ropes are used in bouldering. Instead, boulderers make use of crash pads to soften any falls.
  • Sport Climbing: Sport climbing relies on permanent anchors that are fixed to the rock. One person climbs while another belays them from the ground.
  • Traditional Climbing: Often shortened to ‘trad climbing’, this type involves fixing one’s own anchor points in the rock as they climb.

Familiarize yourself with these terms and make sure you understand which type of climbing your climber does, so you can make sense of our list above.

Best Rock Climbing Gifts for Boulderers

  1. DMM Edge Chalk Bucket
  2. Crush Climbing Crush Brush
  3. FrictionLabs

Best Rock Climber Gifts for Trad and Sports Climbers

  1. Evolv Canvas Chalk Bag
  2. FrictionLabs
  3. White Finger Tape

Gifts for Climbers: Final Thoughts

Male climber scaling a rock face in front of green trees

It may all seem complicated, but we assure you, your climber will be more than happy with any of the gifts on this list. We climbers are passionate about what we do and having those around us show support is heartwarming. The fact that you’ve sought out this list means you’re well on your way to finding a thoughtful gift that will leave your climber smiling!

We hope our rock climbing gift ideas have helped open your options up, and that you find something perfect for the climber in your life.