How To Snowboard In Powder

Snowboarding is a super fun sport.  It is a great outdoor sport which lets you enjoy the thrill and excitement of gliding through ice and jumping over obstacles.  There are different ways and forms of snowboarding. Snowboarding in powder can be the most exciting, enjoyable and thrilling experience. There are a few useful tips that come in handy, when it comes to snowboarding in powder.

Snowboarding in Powder – A Few Useful Tips

Here are some of the tips which you might find useful when it comes to snowboarding in powder.


Make sure you have the right stance on the snow board. You must be well balanced and your body weight should be towards the back of the board. Make sure that the nose of the board is lifted. This is one of the perquisites of snowboarding in powder


There is a possibility that the snowboard might slow down in the powder. Therefore, in order to maintain the speed and the momentum, you can adopt a technique which is by changing your turn’s shape. Opt for an open turn instead of a closed one. With the help of an open turn, you will be able to maintain the speed and the momentum.

Distribute the Weight

When it comes to snowboarding in powder, weight distribution plays a very important role. You need to ensure that the weight of your body is evenly distributed. This is important because if the weight of your body is not evenly and properly distributed, then it can be difficult when it comes to maintaining the speed. Powders are rough in nature; as a result, they offer more resistance to the board which slows the speed down. If your body weight is distributed evenly and properly throughout the board, in that case it helps the board to glide through smoothly

The Board

If you are planning for snowboarding on powder, in that case you would require specially designed snowboards. These boards are designed specially to be used in powders and their noses are raised slightly.

Other Equipment

Apart from the technicalities, when it comes to shredding in powder, you would require other snowboarding equipment which is not required normally. You would need to have special boots, helmets, goggles, bindings, jackets and special trousers. When it comes to the boards, while selecting one make sure that you are comfortable with it in terms of its size and weight.

The snowboard which you would select must be proportionate with your height and weight. The weight of the board should be such that you feel comfortable while moving it around.

Snowboarding in powder needs special skills and tricks. The first thing you need to observe others on the powder. Then you can go and purchase a board and start practicing on your own. The best thing you can do as a beginner is to go to a snowboarding training school where you will be trained by the experienced trainers.


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