Interview With Avid Base Jumper – Philippe Jean

philippe jean

With 875 jumps to boost of, Philippe Jean is so passionate about B.A.S.E that he truly believes that his life started only after his first jump in 2011. Now, Philippe jumps everyday and is pretty much addicted to jumping. The kind of adrenaline rush you get from Base Jumping surpasses no other. Let’s follow Philippe on his adventures and see what makes this adrenaline junkie tick !


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1. For how long have you been base jumping and what got you addicted?

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I have been base jumping since the end of 2011. Since then, I have 875 jumps from cliff And after my first jump, I understood that I had started truly living – the first day of the rest of my life.

2. Why don’t more people BASE jump? Is it because of the risk element or does the risk element add to the rush?

People are afraid to do this because of their own inner fears. It is easier to say it is too dangerous than going to try it and then make their own opinion…of course you need to do a lot of practice jumps from plane first.

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3. What is your favorite location to jump and why?

For me, France is the most beautiful place in the world for base jumping…not because it is my country but for the beautiful mountains, valleys and breathtaking views that we have.

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4. Do you have any sponsors?

My big partner is “Squirrel” an American company. Matt Gerdes from Squirrel has been of immense support throughout my endeavors. Also “Caduceum” and “Altitude Eyewear” have helped me a lot.

5. What does it take to be a great jumper and how does it change your daily routine?

I eat well – proper and healthy diet. I do a lot of sports to stay active and in good physical shape. I was an alpinist before I started jumping.

6. Any tips for those who are just starting out?

To be a good base jumper u have to stay yourself and not trying to be famous. On every jump you just need to do it for fun.. of course it s not with only 50 jumps a year that you are going to progress.. And to progress, you have to undergo a lot of training – excellent mental as well as physical training.

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7. Which place is on your bucket list for jumping?

I would love to jump in Canada – “Lotus Flower” – It is a nice mountain to climb before jumping.

8. Your best and worst jumping experience.

My best experience was when I climbed 3 days with 3 of my friends to open a famous jump in France –  “La Meije”.  My worst experience was when I had an accident in Switzerland where I tested a prototype for a French wingsuit company. I really thought it was my last day. I could see my bone outside my arm and I had to climb with one hand to save my life and had to wait two hours for the rescue.

9. What are your strengths and challenges while jumping?

When I jump my force is my brain, I control it. I know if I can do something or not and I make very fast choices so that I don’t regret something later. I have just one life and I really want to live it totally.

10. How often do you jump?

I try to jump every day. During holidays,  I can do 5 jumps in one day and sometimes 8 (in Chamonix, where I live).

11. Do you have a local favorite spot to jump?

Of course, Chamonix is my favorite place: aiguille du midi, le brevent etc.

12. Why should the BASE be legalized?

In France base jump is legal.

13. What are the 5 things you carry on a jumping trip?

The 5 thing I always take with me is –

My rig (parachute)


Helmet and Camera

My phone And some great music

14. Have You ever jumped at night or want to and why?

I did a lot of jumps by night for a movie and a lot of fun. I also plan to do one for New Year’s Eve!

15. How many jumps have you done till now?

875 till now and counting…

Watch Philippe in action through these awesome videos –


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