Interview with Snowboarding Instructor – Rusty Lin, who is Shredding it in Style!

rusty lin

Rusty Lin hails from Taiwan, the land of “no” snow and moves on to become a snowboarding instructor in Canada. How cool is that? From his journey of seeing snow for the first time, 3 years ago – to making snowboarding his livelihood and passion. He truly sleeps, eats and breathes shredding. Learn more about this cool Taiwanese dude and how his adventures began –

1. How did you get into snowboarding and why you consider yourself a passionate snowboarder?

Hi. I’m Rusty Lin, I come from Taiwan and I am 28 years old. Taiwan is a country without any snow and I never saw snow until I was 26 years old. I did not even speak English before that, but I’m working as a snowboard instructor at Lake Louise Ski Resort in Canada now, and I may be the only Taiwanese snowboard instructor in past 80 years in our ski resort’s history.

That’s funny, right? However, when I traveled to Cradle Mt in Tasmania in AU, I saw the Beautiful snow view cover the hilltop, and my friends and I attempted to reach the summit in the big snow, and we did it! Crazy but excited, That was my very first impression on snow.

The past few years, I have tried to stay in different Ski resorts. I have been to Australia for two seasons, Japan Niseko for one full season and Canada Sunshine for one season.

The reason I like snowboarding is that it’s all about freedom –  I can explore the secrets of challenging trails, overlooking the beautiful snow view of mountains from the top, looking for the traces of powder snow and explore the wonderful world of white. Anyway, I just love standing on the snow and the lifestyle of the snow mountain. 

2. For how long have you been snowboarding and what got you addicted?

I’ve been snowboarding about 3 years (5 seasons), two seasons in Australia, one season in Japan, two seasons in Canada. The reason I started snowboarding was when my friend recommended this sport to me on one of my backpacking trips to Australia. So, I tried to get a job at Perisher Ski Resort and learned how to ride a board – It was exhilarating and I was hooked instantly.

3. What is your favorite place to snowboard and why?

My favorite place is Lake Louise Ski Resort in Canada,(not because I working here right now, haha) because Lake Louise Ski Resort is the place which made my dream come true – My dream of becoming a snowboarding instructor.

4. Do you have a mad crew or you prefer to shred alone?

I do love to go snowboarding with some crazy friends, if everyone is at the same riding level, then it can be a really fun day. If I ride alone, that’s because I want to practice some skills and it’s much easier to control the time, but I want to have my own mad crew and could go snowboarding around the world.

5. Which is your favorite snowboarding trick?

Most of the tricks I like are ground butter, my favorite one is Frontside (or backside) Noseroll Nollie 360’s –  I enjoy these a lot because it makes riding look much smoother and creative.

6.Any tips for new snowboarders?

Ride hard, live free

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7. Which place is on your bucket list for snowboarding?

I want to go Alaska and do some backcountry there one day and go riding in Europe as well.

8. Which 3 things do you always carry when you go snowboarding?

Action camera, Music player & water.

9. Your Best and Worst boarding experience?

My Best experience –  When I was riding at Niseko in Japan. One day I went to an area which has so much powder but there was no anyone else, so it was just like powder heaven especially for me – such a wonderful memory.

My Worst experience – During my second season in Perisher in AU, I hurt my chest and back very bad because of a terrible fall on kicker of a park, and got sick at the same time, I pretty much had to lie down on my bed for two weeks and I still had to work.

10. How important is physical fitness in snowboarding?

It’s the key to keep riding, because this sport is seasonal and you stay outdoor under the extreme weather all day long .So, if you don’t maintain good physical fitness and are not in good health, then, it’s very hard to last until the end of the season.

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Watch Rusty shred –

2014澳洲Perisher滑雪紀錄之最歡樂的一季 Happy snowboarding in Perisher

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