Tete a Tete with Krystian Kowalewski – Polish Freerunner

Krystian Kowalewski

Krystian Kowalewski is truly passionate about Parkour . Give him a roof, tree, pole, barrier or just plain grass and he would happily start honing his skills. This free runner from Poland has been training hard since last 4 years which is evident in his videos. He enjoys what he does and somewhere down the line wants to open up his own parkour training academy for all adrenaline seekers. We wish Krystian all the best for his endeavors.

So, here’s introducing Krystian Kowalewski. Check out this video and see what Krystian is all about –

1. For how long have you been free running and what got you addicted?

I have been practicing Parkour since autumn 2011. So, it has been almost four years and I am not the least bit sorry that I started training. I think it’s something I can do for a lifetime. Not only for myself but also by helping others.

2. Where are you from and is Parkour popular in your city/ country?

I live in Poland. In a small countryside town. Here we have just two bars, one good roof, some trees and lots of grass. It is one of the best places for training for me haha. But I am traveling around a lot. I visit other city’s so I am training here and there and everywhere I can.

3. Do you practice every day? Whats your daily schedule like?

I don’t have a plan of where I train. I train when I can. I train every day, if I can, Every two days. If I can’t, then three. You know what it is like.

Krystian Kowalewski

4. Do you run alone or with friends?

As I said I live in the countryside. There I train by myself because no one else wants to do it with me. I have moved to a bigger city now for school and have many more friends who train. It is much better to train with someone.

5. Who or what was your motivation to start free running?

Motivation? I do not know. I’ve always been different. I always wanted to do something different than everyone else. Often as I kid I was doing spinal on trees, buildings, etc. Just keep doing this, but in a little different way;)

6. Which parkour movie scenes are you inspired by?

One of my biggest inspiration here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_aot8U6Oig

Another killer video from Krystian –

7. Any tips for those who are just starting out?

Be yourself. Have fun. Do what you like. Step by step. Do not try to imitate anyone, be original and just enjoy life.

8. Did you ever get hurt while free running?

Yes. Too much. Once I broke my ankle, I had two operations before returning to full fitness. And I broke my knee. It bent the other way – Like a stork! Which led to another operation. Then I hurt my shoulder. Half a year break. Sigh. And then of course this –  My biggest fail ever ha https://www.facebook.com/3runcoval/videos/524237191062587/?theater

9. Can anyone parkour or there is an age limit or fitness criteria?

No. Nothing like that exists. Parkour is not like normal sports. Noone judges anyone, no one here has to be better than someone else. Remember that the most important thing is fun, and anyone can play. Isn’t that right?


10. Which are your favorite parkour movements?

All. I do not have any favorite moves. I love all new and basic movements.

11. Is Parkour and Freerunning same thing?

For others? Yes. For me? No. As I said it’s just fun. We do not need to distinguish. Instead, we must have fun

12. Where do you usually practice?

I train everywhere. Often when I walk down the street and see a barrier or just a place where I can jump. I do it. Sometimes I train simply on the grass, sometimes on ledges, sometimes over the barriers, sometimes on poles, trees, sand, just everywhere 🙂

13.Do you practice in the gym or out in the open ?

Here and there. But I think the outdoor training is better. Because then we are more careful about what we do. We are more cautious, we learn step by step. Slowly. It makes you have more fun too. At least I think so haha


14.How to you develop your Parkour skills and strength?

I am happy with what I’m doing. I play and have fun. Yes, I develop myself like this. 🙂

15.Whats next for you? Your future plans?

Currently, I am doing what I love. Work it with people and derive from this a lot of fun. I’m going to do it for life. Only in a bit different way. I intend in the future to open school or academy for kids and anyone who wants to start their adventure with parkour. I think everyone should learn something about this sport. About our beautiful community, about our passion …

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Spring'15 | Kowalewski Krystian

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