Men’s Ski Gloves & Mittens | Waterproof, Leather & Affordable

Keeping warm is vital to ensuring your enjoyment and safety out in the snow. There’s hardly anything that’s as annoying as having to walk away from a perfect pop or spread simply because your hands are cold and wet.

Ski gloves and mittens designs and technology have gone above and beyond, these days. They’re not only there to keep you warm but serve other purposes as well. Some gloves have secret pockets for personal belongings, others have cuffs that can hold your jacket sleeve in place. There are so many options to choose from that it may become overwhelming.

We’ve reviewed some of the best ski gloves on the market. If you’re not sure what to look for, check out our buyer’s guide below. You can use it to compare various options and make an educated decision. If you’re looking for the best and most expensive brands or something durable and waterproof, this guide will show you a few options that will help you feel comfortable and warm.


TLDR: Our top pick is the VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Gloves. with long cuffs and drawstrings to keep the snow out as well as some pockets for essential items. These gloves also have breathable fabric which keeps you dry from sweat and snow.

Best Men’s Ski Gloves Reviewed

There are lots of gloves on the market, some range within the higher price bracket, and others are much more affordable. Have a look at some of the reviews for the top-rated winter gloves for men;

  1. Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove
  2. VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Gloves
  3. Vgo Winter Men’s Goatskin Leather Skiing Gloves
  4. FRDM EMERGE Cold Weather Snow Mitt
  5. Unigear Ski Gloves

Men’s Ski Gloves Comparison Table

Use the table below to help make your decision on which ski gloves or men’s mittens you’d like to get your hands into.

ProductBest forImageMaterialRatingPrice
VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable GlovesAll roundHestra Triton Fabric, Goat Leather9 Check Price
Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski GloveAll round Polyurethane, Rubber9.5 Check Price
VGO Skiing & Winter GlovesAffordabilityGoatskin Leather8.5 Check Price
FRDM EMERGE Snow MittDurabilityLeather 8 Check Price
Unigear Ski GlovesAffordabilityPU Leather8.5 Check Price

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Men’s Waterproof Ski Gloves

With a buckle closure and drawstring, the VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Gloves are a great product for skiing that can also be used as a general men’s winter glove. They are wonderfully insulated and are made with a Fan-Tex membrane as well as some other cool features.

Here are some other waterproof ski glove options.

Men’s Leather Skiing Gloves

The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove is the best pair of leather gloves. They’re specifically designed for skiing with breathable fabric and high insulating capacity.

If these don’t catch your eye, have a look at some more of the best leather ski gloves, below.

Men’s Ski Mittens

While men’s mittens may take away a little bit of dexterity, they do provide you with more warmth than gloves do.  The right pair comes down to personal preference. The FRDM EMERGE Cold Weather Snow Mitt is a great pair of mittens because of its special features. The mittens have an under cuff to keep the cold out as well as a zipper that opens easily for when you need to get your fingers out of the mitt.

Other men’s winter mitts include;

Cheap Men’s Winter Gloves

The Vgo Winter Men’s Goatskin Leather Skiing Gloves have come out on top in this category. They are made from durable goat leather and you’re able to use them for more than just skiing which makes them that much more cost-effective.

Have a look at the list below for some more budget-friendly options.

Men’s White Ski Gloves

The Unigear Ski Gloves are a great pair to choose from if you’re looking specifically for white gloves. They’ve got a special design with heat pack pockets for extra added warmth. They also have extra features like touch screen compatibility technology.

Alternative white men’s snow gloves can be found below.

Best Men’s Ski Gloves Reviews

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while reading up on new gloves. Our buyer’s guide below will tell you all about that. For now, let’s have a look at some of the best men’s ski gloves from each category.

VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Gloves Review

  • Material: Polyurethane, Rubber
  • Palm Material: PU, Rubber
  • Lining: Fleece
  • Insulation: 3M Insulate

If you’re looking for something waterproof and breathable, these VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Gloves are a great fit for any ski session. The fleece lining and 3M insulate will help trap body heat while the buckle wrist strap and drawstring ensure that no cold can get in.

These reasonably-priced gloves also have non-slip palms that are covered with little rubber dots to give you a full grip while on the slopes. There is no insulation at the fingertips, but you can always fit a snug liner underneath if you find it a little cold.

The zip pocket at the back of the hand puts this glove over the edge. It allows you to hold on to your cash, keys, and other necessary personal belongings. This guarantees you peace of mind while you’re out skiing.


  • Zipper pocket storage space
  • Non-slip palms
  • Pre-curved fingers


  • No insulation at fingertips


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Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove Review


  • Material: Hestra Triton fabric
  • Palm Material: Army goat leather
  • Lining: Bemberg, polyester
  • Insulation: Polyester fiber

The Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove was specifically designed for sports in extremely cold conditions. The Hestra Triton fabric and army goat leather makes these gloves durable, water-resistant, and windproof.

If you’re looking for something with warmth and dexterity, these are the right gloves for you. The long cuffs are suitable for below-freezing conditions as they trap in the heat, with extra added polyester fiber for insulation.

The selling point on these gloves is the eagle grip design that accommodates your hand’s natural curve to ensure that you’ve got a good grip and free range of movement. The lining is removable which provides you with an opportunity to change the warmth of the glove for other uses and environments as well.


  • Eagle grip design
  • Removable lining
  • Elastic strap with velcro


  • Expensive
  • Short cuffs

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FRDM EMERGE Snow Mitt Review

  • Material: Leather
  • Palm Material: Goat leather
  • Lining: Elastane, nylon
  • Insulation: Silky fleece

While mitts are often debated for reasons of dexterity, the FRDM EMERGE Cold Weather Snow Mitt attempts to improve upon current mitten designs. The gloves are fully insulated with silky fleece to keep your fingers warm. They also have an under cuff to ensure that they stay snug underneath your sleeve. And there are loop closure tabs to keep them from slipping off.

The biggest drawcard with these FRDM mitts is the accessibility features. The glove has a zip just below the knuckles which allows you to slip your fingers out. Whenever you need to adjust your equipment or check your phone, your fingers can get out of the glove easily without actually removing the glove.

If you’re looking for a ski glove that can be repurposed for your outdoor photography shoots or simply for when you’re out walking the dog, these gloves are multi-purpose and comfortable. 


  • Zipper to free your hand without removing gloves
  • Under cuff velcro wrist closure


  • Hand Wash only
  • Expensive

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VGO Skiing & Winter Gloves Review

  • Material: Goatskin leather
  • Palm Material: Leather
  • Lining: G80 lined
  • Insulation: 3M Thinsulate

While affordability is important to many individuals, it is just as important to find a glove that ticks all of the boxes of a good quality glove. These Vgo Winter Men’s Goatskin Leather Skiing Gloves is one of the most budget-friendly ski gloves on the market, that doesn’t compromise quality.

Not only are they cheap, but they are also long-lasting and comfortable. The gloves are made of premium goatskin leather and contain five different layers of insulation. The leather protects you from the outside wet and cold while the inside layers add warmth and breathable protection.

These VGO gloves are unisex, so smaller sizes will work perfectly for ladies as well, making for great his and hers gifts. Be sure to check out the various colors as the dual-tone gloves can help you make quite a statement while out on the slopes.


  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Wrist leash
  • Affordable


  • Not water-resistant
  • Bulky
  • Susceptible to shrinkage

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Unigear Ski Gloves Review

  • Material: PU leather
  • Palm Material: PU leather
  • Lining: Tricot lining
  • Insulation: 100g insulation

The Unigear Ski Gloves consist of a water-repellant outer shell as well as a TPU coated membrane. Each of these with PU leather adds comfort and warmth to a cold day in the snow.  Elastic leashes attached to the wrists allow you to hold on to your gloves even after you’ve taken them off.

The gloves have exceptional special features. The shell also has pockets for heat packs for those who need extra added heat or a safe place to keep cash and keys. Another feature of these gloves is the touchscreen compatibility in the thumb and index finger. The final special feature worth mentioning is the soft area on the thumb for a quick nose wipe for any leaks or drips of sweat.

These gloves are usually quite snug so be sure to match your size perfectly or get them a size bigger to ensure maximum comfort and dexterity when skiing on the slopes. These white ski gloves are unisex as well and the varying sizes will be able to fit both men and women equally well.


  • Heat pockets
  • Elastic leash
  • Nose-wipe thumb


  • May be too snug for some

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Men’s Ski Gloves Buyers Guide

There’s nothing worse than freezing your hands off while skiing. Cold hands can easily cut your skiing experience short. To ensure that your hands stay warm and dry, you’ll need to decide which gloves work best for you and your desired use.

Here’s a quick look at some of the factors that you should take into consideration when buying your new set of ski gloves.

Tips for Buying Snowboard Gloves & Mittens

Gloves or Mitts?

The first thing to look at is whether you would prefer gloves or mitts. Each one has its benefits and downfalls. Gloves are great for dexterity and mitts are great for warmth.

Gloves allow your fingers freedom. Some gloves are available in 5 fingers and three fingers, whereas mittens cover all four fingers under one blanket. As you can imagine, mittens may hinder your range of movement. Although, some wearers suggest that you don’t necessarily miss the freedom.

Waterproof and Insulation

The first step to remaining warmth is to ensure that your hands remain dry. Wet hands and gloves are a sure-fire way to be shivering and shaking from the cold. Make sure that you check the waterproof and insulation materials before purchasing your new ski gloves.

Some gloves rely heavily on the material, like 3M Thinsulate, using down feathers, or leather. Other glove options include electronic heating. You may find that some materials work better than others or just that you’ve got an affinity towards some kinds of insulation materials.

Read all about the best heated gloves here.


A liner underneath your regular glove is an absolute must. Some gloves come pre-packed with removable liners which ensure that your hand stays warm even after removing the main gloves.

A good liner can add about 20% more warmth and helps maintain the natural body heat you’re giving off.

Cuff Length and Fit

The cuff length of a glove is a personal preference that can make the world of difference. Some cuffs are designed to go over your jacket and others are designed to be underneath your sleeves. The one you choose is dependent on your level of comfortability and what best fits your style.

person doing stunts while skiing

Ski and Winter Gloves for Men

So, now you know exactly what you need to look for in a great glove for a man on a skiing mission. Hopefully, you’ll be able to easily choose from the list of gloves we’ve chosen to review.

While all of those gloves are great, you may want to keep in mind the key factors like insulation, fit and type of glove or mitt to help you figure out which one works perfectly for you.

As all of those gloves are available in a range of sizes, some of them can also be used as women’s ski gloves as well. Pick a few favorites and test out which ones guarantee you the best ski session.