10 Kick Ass Paintballing Tips and Tactics for Beginners

When the term “extreme sports” is mentioned, we often think of high-speed, precarious sports such as BMXing, surfing, and even obstacle course racing. Extreme sports are also characterized by the inherent danger posed to the participants and the risk of injury (or even death) should these stunts and techniques be executed poorly. 

Extreme sports are not for the faint of heart. Adrenaline has different effects on different people. For some, the thrill of danger and the rush of adrenaline sweetens the air in their lungs. For others, it can immobilize them, gluing their feet to the ground. Extreme sports are not for the latter group of people. And some extreme sports can only be performed by people with particular athletic traits. 

Paintballing Tips you MUST Know Before a Game

Paintballing is one of the safer extreme sports, despite its use of combat weapons. Protective gear is important and at most times, mandatory when playing. Be that as it may, it’s important to observe safety measures in order to avoid accidents. So, what are some safety measures, tips and tactics that you need to observe when playing a game of paintball?


Establish clear rules and boundaries

Before you begin the game, set up clear rules and regulations for all players and ensure that each team members understand them well. Designate clear boundaries for all players before the competition starts, and make sure to mark the boundaries for added clarity. The pitch should be of the right size, neither too small nor big; for example, a 150-yard field is good enough for three or four players.

Use Common Sense 

Most accidents in paintball can be avoided with a bit of common sense. There are some obvious things you should abstain from, such as shooting at private property, shooting out of a moving vehicle, or looking down the barrel of a loaded gun. A rule of thumb, if it doesn’t feel like a good idea, it likely isn’t.

Only Buy High-Quality Paintball Guns

paintball guns

As with all extreme sports, you need to ensure that you purchase proper gear. Not only does low-quality equipment perform worse, they can even become the cause of an accident, or worse, death. It’s for this reason that nothing less than the best paintball guns will do.

Don’t Remove Your Mask Until the Game Ends

This is the most important safety rule that you need to heed. Never remove your mask while a game is in progress, as it’s likely that a stray shot could hit you. A paintball that travels at 280 feet per second can cause small bruises and paintballs that travel faster can break skin, or worse, hit you in the ears or eyes. 

Learn to Surrender

Close-range shots are significantly more painful than shots from a distance. It is also customary for a player to offer surrender to an opposing player if he is within 20 feet of his target and has a shot on the opposing player. You’re not there to hurt people, so if an opposing player surrenders, take them up on their offer.

Plan Ahead and Communicate

Paintballing is all about teamwork, with good planning and effective communication. If you have a game plan and a strategy, you will be able to establish a plan of attack that will help you gain an edge on the opposing team. 

Use Cover and Stealth

paintballing tactics

Cover and stealth are essential skills in paintball. Keeping one step ahead of your opponent is crucial to winning, and staying out of open areas is crucial. Use the structures and walls in the course to plan your attack. If you need to advance, coordinate with your team and move as quickly and quietly as possible to stay safe. Adjust your next move accordingly, shoot intelligently, and stay hidden to avoid being tagged.

Don’t Blind Fire

Another general rule is that you shouldn’t fire if you can’t see what you’re firing at. It’s tempting to simply stick your gun over cover and fire without peeking, but this is dangerous, as there’s a high chance that you can end up hitting players and referees who are leaving the field. Some of them might even have their masks off because they aren’t playing anymore. Blind firing is irresponsible and potentially very dangerous.

Play It Cool, But Be Aware

Keeping a level head is what will keep you ahead of your opposition. Take pauses and survey the playing zone from every possible perspective. Stay a step ahead by constantly being on the lookout for a better position. Don’t make the mistake of staying in a single spot; you should constantly be on the move in order to outmaneuver the opposing team. Always have a mental map of the area ready in your mind to judge where your enemy is and avoid getting trapped.

Use Pyrotechnics to Your Advantage

 Pyrotechnics in paintball constitute types of grenades, such as thunder flashes, flashbangs, smoke grenades, paint grenades, and more. Use pyrotechnics to your advantage and execute a plan of attack to keep your enemy down. Those paint grenades can help you to take on multiple enemies with a surprise attack and keep ahead in the game.

Have Fun and Be Safe

paintball extreme sport A mask that keeps falling off won’t be good for your safety. While you should ensure that you enter the game with appropriate safety gear and alert a referee if you need help, do not take off your mask for any reason. Keep the barrel blocking device on and keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. If you plan to shoot at close range, play safe, and know that spots like the pack, shoes, mask, and back do not hurt. Listen to the referees and follow the rules to have the most fun while staying safe. Don’t cross boundaries and raise your hand in the air if you are hit.

As with all extreme sports, before the fun begins, we need to ensure we mitigate the dangers surrounding the sport. Remember that even paintball guns are weapons, and like any weapon, they can cause real harm to other people and yourself if used incorrectly. So keep these paintballing tips handy to avoid injury.