Sea Eagle SE 330/370 Inflatable Kayak Review

Inflatable Kayaks at Sea

Many people don’t realise that inflatable kayaks can do just as well on a lake as they can out at sea. Depending on how they are designed, the rigidity and strength of the body can easily withstand some waves and rough water.

The Sea Eagle SE370 is a kayak that can handle itself on whitewater as well as ocean surf. It is steady and strong and is able to hold two people in many different water conditions. This makes it an incredibly versatile kayak that can fit almost everybody’s needs.

Sea Eagle SE370 Breakdown

  • 2 person inflatable kayak
  • Very lightweight and portable
  • Can hold 3 people if adjusted
  • 650-pound weight limit
  • 8 minute inflation time
  • Kit includes pump, repair kit and carry bag
  • Self-bailing drain valve to prevent flooding
  • Two molded skegs greatly improve tracking and speed

In-Depth Review of the Sea Eagle SE370 Inflatable Kayak

The Sea Eagle SE370 is a two-man kayak that can be used on a lake, in whitewater and out at sea. For our test, we decided to head out to the sea to see how it handles itself in the waves.

We wanted to see how it performed as a single person kayak, and as a two-man kayak. Many two-man kayaks are a bit unwieldy when you man them by yourself, as their larger size is sometimes harder to control and steer.

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Ease of Transport and Inflation

Being a bigger kayak, you would think the SE370 would be a bit more difficult to transport or setup. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact that it is an inflatable, means transport and inflation is just as easy as it would be with a smaller kayak.

Sea Eagle claims you can inflate the kayak in 8 minutes, and we’ll admit, we got really close to the 8-minute mark when we inflated it ourselves. And weighing just 32 pounds, carrying it was a breeze.

Our Rating – 5/5


The inflatable and removable seats are incredibly comfortable and can be adjusted to allow for a three-man setup. Being inflatable, the seats are cushioned and you can easily sit on them for extended periods of time.

Being a sit-in kayak, you will want your arms to be unobstructed while paddling, and the sides of this kayak are at a decent height. They are low enough to allow you to paddle easily, without water coming in.

Our Rating – 4/5

How it Paddles

With a maximum weight limit of 650 pounds, and being a two-man kayak, paddling for us was incredibly easy. We sat at a good level on the water, and the included oars did their job nicely.

The two molded skegs give you great speed and control in the water, while the thick Polykrylar hull and I-Beam floor construction improve the rigidity and allow you to cut through the water very easily.

Our Rating – 4/5

Two-Man vs One-Man

We really needed to know if we could use this kayak as a one-man and as a two-man kayak with the same efficiency. We didn’t think it would be able to do its job with just one of us at the oar, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Each of us was still able to control it effectively, and steering was barely affected. The skegs did their job in helping us steer and direct the boat. The kayak stayed just as stable, and even at sea when we were hit with a few rollers, we still kept control relatively easily.

Our Rating – 5/5


The SE370 is remarkably durable. The thick 33 Polykrylar bodies can take bumps and bruises incredibly easily. The kayak also has 3 separate air chambers, one on the port side, the starboard side and the floor.

With regards to the hull, the material is so thick that it can’t withstand dog claws and scratches, brilliant for any of you who want to take your four-legged fishing buddy with you on your trips.

These 3 air chambers are incredibly useful in a puncture situation. If one of the air chambers is punctured, the other two will stay inflated and allow you to reach shore without sinking. Not only does this save on repairs, it is a great safety feature we can’t overlook.

Our Rating – 5/5


There are no shortages of extras on the SE370. It has 3 deluxe one-way valves, inflatable splash skirts that can be lashed down. It also has a self-bailing drain valve that is perfect if you are in whitewater or catch a strong wave.

The full deluxe kit comes with a storage bag that the kayak can easily fold into. It also comes with a pressure gauge so you can ensure your kayak is inflated correctly. A repair kit is also included for any serious damage that may occur.

Our Rating – 5/5


The SE370 is actually priced incredibly well for what you get. For a two-man kayak with all the extras and high-quality build, it is definitely worth the money. Even if you haven’t purchased a kayak before, this is a worthy investment.

If the SE370 is too expensive and you think it may be a bit too expensive, the Intex Challenger K2 is a brilliant alternative. It is more for beginners, but it is a two-man kayak that will help you get into the hobby.

Our Rating – 5/5

Pros and Cons


  • Very lightweight and portable, even for a larger kayak
  • 650-pound weight limit
  • Full kit includes a pressure gauge, oars, and a repair kit
  • Very easy to control and steer
  • Can be used on white water and in the ocean


  • Price, depending on your budget
  • Not very aesthetically pleasing
  • Can’t handle itself in seriously strong water


To conclude, the Sea Eagle SE370 is a brilliant all-around kayak that can do the job of a relaxing ride on a lake, and for a fishing kayak when the mood hits. It feels at home on a river and out at sea.

A rating of ⅘ is easily justified for the SE370. We have been kayaking for years now, a favorite hobby of mine personally, and this feels and drives just as well as a hardshell counterpart, and in some aspects, even better.

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