Snow Boarding 101

Figuring out how to snowboard may look troublesome and having the capacity to do those magnificent traps and bounces may appear to be ridiculous, however with our master guideline and a lot of hours out on the snow rehearsing, you’d be stunned at what you can accomplish – even the genius snowboarders needed to begin some place.

We run a great snowboard fun tester session which is 50 minutes in length and shows you the very fundamentals, giving you a chance to get a decent vibe for the game. We likewise have amateurs’ lessons to take you through all that you have to know to make them move under your own particular steam and beginning to seem as though you comprehend what you are doing on your board.

You’ll be reserving your free-form lessons and learning bounces and traps before you know it. Before you get to that level anyway, you initially need to take in the nuts and bolts.

Choosing the right board

Having the correct snowboard can help you get on your feet alot quicker and you will progress faster, having the wrong board can cause injury or make your progression take longer. Its important that you choose the correct snowbaord if you just starting out. Make sure you choose a beginner snowboard if you not an experienced boarder as this will help you in the long run.

Ridiculous or Regular

The main thing you have to decide with regards to snowboarding is whether you are ridiculous or normal, or rather which foot is your lead foot. Get a companion to give you a delicate push from behind and whichever foot you venture forward with is your lead foot. In the event that it’s your left foot then you are standard, on the off chance that you venture forward with your correct then you are what’s called silly.

Your snowboard should be set up so the right leg is your lead leg to make it less demanding for you to ride.

Affixing The Bindings

The ties are those plastic things that you affix your feet into and they can be very confounding at first. There are two normal sorts of authoritative: lash ties and speed passage ties.

Tie ties are the most well-known restricting sort thus called in light of the fact that there are two lashes that you affix over your boot to secure yourself to the board. The ties are cushioned plastic offering superb padding and highlight numerous alteration potential outcomes.

Speed passage ties seem to be comparable yet in addition have a highback part to them which leans back to enable you to slide your boot out effectively. It’s simply an accommodation thing and means you don’t need to battle with attaching the ties while wearing thick gloves.

To affix either to an agreeable position, put your foot in position and after that drive one end of the authoritative through the clasp on the other. Continue pushing until the point when they are serenely and solidly holding your foot to the board. To discharge, essentially press the fast discharge flip and slide the coupling separated.

To move around on level surfaces, get on and off lifts and scale the novices slant you should keep your back foot out of the authoritative and utilize it to propel yourself along – similar to skate boarding.


Let’s be realistic here, on the off chance that you are figuring out how to snowboard you will fall. A lot. So it’s imperative to figure out how to fall well. Endeavor to fall tough instead of downhill and attempt to abstain from falling on your coccyx – that can truly sting. When you do fall, endeavor to remain as casual as you can and abstain from putting your hands out to stop yourself as this can harm your wrists.

Get Fit

Snowboarding is a game and like any game it requires physical exertion, quality and stamina. The fitter and more grounded you are, the simpler it will be to experience the lessons and get what you are being instructed. Because of the squat position, solid legs are fitting. Take a stab at working the legs with practices like squats, lurches and calf raises.


Bear in mind, you really need to get out there on the slants and continue working at it with a specific end goal to progress. The more hours you put in the better you will get – it’s as basic as that. Fortunately for you Chill Factore is open 7 days seven days with early mornings and late nighttimes also importance there is dependably time to practice and continue attempting until the point when you get it. Come and go along with us on one of our snowboard tester sessions and give it a go, we are certain you’ll adore it and be kicking the bucket for additional.

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