Snowboarding Injuries and How to Prevent Them

Though they are similar in many ways, yet there are differences between snowboarding and skating. There are significant differences when it comes to injuries sustained in both the sports.

Speed, balance, flexibility is required for both skiing and snowboarding; however, in case of the later the movement of the body is quite different. This difference in body movement causes different injuries in both of these sports. In the following section, you will be offered a brief insight into some of the injuries caused in snowboarding.

Common Snowboarding Injuries

Here are some of the common injuries which can be associated with snowboarding

Head injury

The chances of sustaining a head injury are quite high when you are snowboarding. There is every possibility of you colliding with a structure or falling over while taking a steep turn. Considering the fact that you are riding at a high speed, the intensity of the collision can be heavy which might cause severe injuries to your head. In order to prevent this, it is recommended that you wore a helmet while you are snowboarding. The helmet is a very important protective gear and can save you from sustaining severe injuries to your head.

Goggles can and will protect your eyes during a fall, as well as protect them from the sun, as sunburn and lifelong damage from extreme glare are incredibly common on the slopes.

Neck Injury

The neck injury can be related to head injury as both of them might occur if you lose your balance and fall from the board. Even if you are on a smooth surface, an awkward fall can severely hamper your neck. In certain cases, you might even end up damaging some vital bones and tissues of your neck.

Though there aren’t any protective devices available for your neck, the best way to avoid such injuries is by being careful and making sure you do not try for too much speed unless you have attained a certain level of perfection.

Knee Injuries

If you fall on your face, your helmet would protect your head. However, you are likely to injure your knees. If you are gliding down a slope and you lose control and fall over on your face, in that case the entire weight of your body would be on your knees. This can cause you severe knee injuries and might even bring an end to your snowboarding career.

In order to protect your knees and make sure that they are safe, it is recommended that you wore protective padding. Kneecaps can serve the purpose. Besides, the special pants designed for snowboarding can also help protect your knees to a certain extent.

Shoulder Injuries

Like your neck, your shoulder is also prone to injuries while you are snowboarding. Make sure to wear the special jackets which are designed for snowboarding.

Apart from these, you can sustain different other injuries while you are snowboarding. You might have a cramp, which can prove to be serious if you have no one to assist you. There are 2 ways in which you can avoid such injuries; one, is by making sure that you have the required equipment and try the advanced movements and tricks only after you have reached that level of perfection.

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