Tips On How to Successfully Sell Extreme Sports Gear in Your Online Store

You’ve seen and heard the term “extreme sports” in various sporting magazines and on television and you’ll start to hear of it even more as it’s constantly growing in popularity, especially among the younger demographic of people.

Some like to say that its growth in popularity is due to various marketing tactics that give it a dangerous image, despite the fact that some extreme sports don’t pose any type of serious danger or risks. But regardless of whether or not various extreme sports pose any real danger, the marketing efforts have been impeccable over the years, which is largely due to its growth in popularity.

According to, the infatuation with going faster, soaring higher, and living more dangerously has been going on for quite some time. Back in 2008, 7.2 million people participated in snowboarding, which was up by 51% from 1999. Mountain biking followed in second with the most popularity.

Those stats alone tell you that extreme sports are a very popular genre of activities that haven’t slowed down since then. Because of it’s growing popularity and participation, can you think of one thing that has become blatantly obvious about extreme sports? It’s the perfect sector for selling extreme sports gear!

It’s already been said by many that it’s growth in popularity is due to impeccable marketing… why not profit off the marketing efforts that are already established? The reason why this is such a great idea is because extreme sports aren’t for everyone. There are more people not interested in base jumping or bouldering than people who are. And that’s what makes it such a unique market… the market isn’t as heavily saturated as other markets.

So while more and more people become interested in extreme sports, it’s the perfect opportunity to sell extreme sports gear online. If this is something that interests you, whether you don’t have any experience in extreme sports or if you choose to sell gear based on your athletic background, you have the opportunity to earn a steady and reliable income. Take a look at these helpful tips on how to successfully sell extreme sports gear on your online store.

How to Build Your Online Store

Building an extreme sports gear website might sound harder than it really is. You don’t need a high level of technical expertise to do it nor do you need to have jumped out of a few planes to consider yourself as an “extreme” entrepreneur… But you will need to make sure you find the right website builder

Being that you’re selling extreme sports gear, you want to make sure your website builder has themes and templates that speak to extreme sports, offer flexibility in payment options, and find a reliable shipping partner to get your products shipped out in a timely fashion. Once all of those areas are completed, you’re ready to launch your store.

Now, before you go off and launch your online store, there are a few important things to keep in mind. Here are some important things to think about when selling online.

Tips to Remember When Selling Extreme Sports Gear Online

Tip 1: You want to determine whether you want to specialize in a specific sport or across the spectrum of extreme sports

Figuring this out is what’s going to help you to get the ball rolling on the types of products you want to sell. Think of it like a trip to the doctor… depending on what’s going on with your health, you’re either going to need to see a primary care doctor who treats a wide range of conditions, or a specialist who specializes in a specific area of medicine… Your extreme sports gear store will have the same concept.

You can sell all kinds of extreme sports gear if you want or you can narrow your selections down to a specific sport. Maybe you’re someone who is extremely skilled in kiteboarding… you can sell gear specifically for kiteboarding. This is going to give you a bit of an advantage over someone who sells a broad range of extreme sports gear.

You’ll be able to give helpful and insightful information to extreme sports enthusiasts on why you recommend a particular brand and will be able to explain their benefits.

Tip 2: Go with a fully-featured website builder

There are all kinds of website builders out there and as mentioned earlier, you want to make sure you find the right one. In finding the right website builder, you also want to make sure that the website builder you choose is fully-featured.

A fully-featured website builder will have everything you need. Everything from themes and templates to customized navigation, a fully-featured website builder will prevent you from having to install various applications because your website builder will already have those applications built-in.

Tip 3: Determine how you want to purchase and fulfill your products

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If you have the time and space for it, you could order your products in bulk and fulfill all your online orders yourself but if you’re like most small business owners, you don’t have time for that so the next best thing to do would be to consider a reliable dropshipping company.

Dropshippers are able to take all your online orders, fulfill them, and get them shipped out to customers in the designated timeframe customers choose. The biggest perk here is that dropshippers allow you to not have to touch or see a single product… they’ll mail all orders out for you.

Tip 4: Make sure you buy from quality suppliers

Because you’re in the market of extreme sports, that means that your target audience is people who laugh in the face of danger and their potential of getting seriously hurt is extremely high. In knowing that, you want to take every measure in ensuring you’re selling nothing but high-quality products.

These adrenaline pumping thrill-seekers need quality gear that will be able to withstand their extreme adventures and will protect them and provide the coverage they need as much as possible. The fact that you’re selling quality products can be used as a selling point to give your customers peace of mind in knowing that your products will keep them safe.