Types of snowboards – Different Kinds of boards for Boys, Girls, Women and Men

If you are looking for the ultimate thrill on the slopes, then snowboarding is the sport for you.

Skaters, windsurfers, and surfers have played an instrumental role in turning snowboarding into one of the most popular adventure sports.

Like any other sport, there is no gender discrimination when it comes to snowboarding. Both men and women can participate. It is true that there is no restriction in terms of gender; however, when it comes to snowboards for boys and girls, there are some differences.

The difference in snowboards for boys and girls

The difference doesn’t only lie in the way the sport is practiced; there are significant differences in terms of the equipment used when it comes to snowboarding for men and women. The snowboard itself is quite different. In the case of women, the size of the snowboard is much shorter compared to that of men’s.

A girl can always use a snowboard that is designed for men; however, she might face issues when it comes to controlling and balancing the board, because of its weight and size. This is why it is very important to ensure that the board you purchase is in accordance to your body weight and height.


Since women have lesser physical strength compared to men, and they are also shorter in terms of stature, the smaller boards would be the perfect choice for them.

Some girls, who have a relatively bigger stature, are capable of handling the larger and heavier snowboards; however, most girls have a medium build and they find it difficult to manage the bigger boards.

In order to solve this problem, the snowboards for women are much shorter and are far lighter compared to that of the men’s snowboards available.

Finding the Right Snowboard for Women

If you are a girl and you are planning on purchasing a snowboard, it is recommended that you weigh yourself and have a clear idea about your height. Unless you are aware about these two aspects, you might end up purchasing or renting a board which could be too heavy and difficult to control.


If you are not sure about the differences between boys and girls snowboards, then it is recommended that you rent a snowboard before purchasing one and get to know the difference. As a girl, you would find the shorter and lighter ones to be easier and more comfortable when it comes to controlling and balancing them.

The snowboard is the most important part of snowboarding. Apart from it, there aren’t many differences in the other equipment used in men and women’s snowboarding.

Be it the padding, helmet, jackets or other items, they remain more or less the same. When it comes to the technicalities of the sport, there aren’t many differences between men’s and women’s snowboarding. The basis of the sport remains the same for both these categories; however, the boards made for men are a bit faster compared to the women’s.

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If you are a snowboard enthusiast, then there is good news for you. There are various types of boards available on the market. These boards are designed for different levels of snowboarding; like beginners, intermediates and for those, who are at the advanced stage of snowboarding.

The modern snowboards are very strong and offer a lot of space and control for the rider. These boards are light hence, when it comes to balance and control, there isn’t much effort you need to put in.

With regards to different types of snowboards, there are three varieties of snowboards which are popular.

Different Types of Snowboards Available on the Market

There are many different snowboards available, but many of them fall into a few categories.

All Mountain or Freeride Board

Out of the 3 different types of snowboards available on the market, the All Mountain or Freeride board is the most popular type.

This type of snowboard accounts for more than half of total snowboard sales. This board is ideal for all-mountain, half-pipe and park. Being able to float well on a powder surface is one of the major characteristics of this board. With this board, the rider can enjoy catching air, carving and all other aspects of riding.

These boards come with a directional shape and are primarily designed to be ridden in one direction. A directional shape refers to the fact that the tip of the snowboard is different from its tail. The tail on these types of boards is usually shorter, narrower and flatter compared to the tip.


Freestyle Snowboard

A freestyle snowboard is more stable and wider, compared to the freeride boards.

These boards are softer and are quite flexible which makes them easier to maneuver around with. All these features make the freestyle snowboards very popular amongst riders from all over the world. These boards, being so easy to handle, are considered to be the perfect option for beginners.

The Freestyle Snowboards are primarily designed for the purpose of performing tricks in the halfpipe and terrain parks. However, these boards have their own limitations. If you are looking for a board which would help you to cruise fast, then a racing or alpine board is a better option.

Race, Alpine or Carving Boards

Compared to the freeride and freestyle boards, the carving boards are much narrower. Their narrow, long and stiff construction is meant for more speed and swift turns.

The carving boards offer more edge holding power when it comes to hard snow, fast edge turns, and excellent stability when it comes to speed.

These are the three most popular types of snowboards available on the market. No matter which type you choose to purchase, it is very important for you to make sure that the size of the board is proportionate to your weight and your height.

Different snowboarding cambers

The camber refers to the additional contours on the bottom of the board. When the rider shifts his or her weight, the camber allows for more or less of the board to touch the snow, therefore increasing or decreasing either speed or agility.

Traditional Camber

Traditional camber is ideal for beginners as it is the perfect combination of speed and control and doesn’t favour any particular need.

Flat Camber

Flat camber allows the rider to have maximum feel and grip, as well as being able to make quick turns.

Rocker and Reverse Camber

The upturned tips make rocker snowboards ideal for powder, jibbing, and rails.

Mixed Camber

A mixed camber board has become popular as manufacturers are able to produce cambered boards that fulfill a particular need, whether that be speed, maneuverability, ability to tricks etc.

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